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Best $500 for K701s?

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So, I've read a LOT of posts (via the search engine), but would still like some feedback - mainly because I am unaware of my options.  I just purchased K701s and am trying to determine the best way to spend $500 to get the most out of them.  At home I have a Peachtree Nova, but I do most of my listening at work, so I'm looking for a work set up. 


Right now at work I listen to 5.5g iPod (w/ Rockbox & FLAC) > HD555.  It's ok for my first foray into audio but it didn't take long to get the upgrade bug .  My plan for the $500 was iPod LOD > CanAmp > K701 but I've read some posts suggesting that a better source may be beneficial.  Do I have any other options?  The iPod is EXTREMELY convenient; since I have close to 1 TB of FLAC files at home, I can easily swap music.  However I have seen a few CD players with headphone jacks for around $500 (used) but I am not sure how it would compare.



Jolida JD100a Tube CD Player:




Thanks for the help!

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1 tb of flac files?  just buy another external hard drive and keep a mirror of your music at work...  can you do that?


because an external dac would sound much better than an ipod.

for $500, you may want to consider looking at a combination dac/amp.  and you can afford some nice ones with your budget.


the sound will be much better than an ipod feeding an amp. 

not that you couldn't still use your ipod as a source... but once you hear a nice dac/amp, you'll be hooked.


here are just a couple dac/amps to look into:


nuforce icon HDP

audio-gd "fun"

audinst hud mx-1

matrix mini-i


i think the HDP, at $449, is the most highly regarded dac/amp at the moment.

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Thanks for the feedback.  Unfortunately,  I don't think that's an option - I can't start hooking up DACs & HDs to my work computer   Because of that, the only other option I see is a CD player?  And VERY few of them have a headphone jack (understandably). 

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Wrong thread


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You can get a Purity Audio Caliente for $299 and get the Logitech Squeezebox Touch for about $265 that way you can connect an external USB drive and the SB Touch would act has the Player/DAC.





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woa. 1 Tb of music


Sachu, is that you?


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I have an idea. A used iTransport, the uDac and the Millet SSH Tube? It might squeeze in at budget. The iTransport will bypass the iPod's DAC.

Just a thought

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Change the title

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i like the akg with the Mini Millett Max Tube Amp from whiplash (or cheaper used)...then, if you must have a line out, get that onkyo nd-s1 thing...

$500 is unlikely to move you to the next order of magnitude...
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If you can find one, get a X-CanV8P for your K701's. It mates extremely well with them, plus the tubes help warm them up a little bit.

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