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How to remove HD800 ear pads!!! (Finally I figured how...) - Page 2

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Oh, that's definately better than I expected! Thanks everyone for the information!

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Here is the response from Senn for US customers:


The part # you are looking for is 534411 and they cost $65.46 , If you would like to place an order you can call 860-434-9190 ext 210


This is much better than I was expecting.  I listen to my headphones quite a bit and for this price, I can see replacing the pads every 2 yrs or so.

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I wish someone would make ticker ear pads. Something like the HD650 for the HD800.
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it's useful! thanks!

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How to put them back?

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Originally Posted by alavan View Post

How to put them back?

You just hover the earpads over the place they suppose to go to, and then you place it down snaping it back into place via picthing both of your fingers both on the earpads and the headphones themselves, You do not try to fold the plasic/rubber thingy under or around the plasic.

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hd800 is goodlooking inside

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To save some searching time, something from YouTube:


Removing ear pad and headband pad

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It took me half an hour to put new pads on. Almost rage quit. Old ones go on easy but new ones I had to cut a bit on the inside of the plastic sheeting to fit. And I had to use my teeth because two hands are not enough. :I One of the pads was like a Hifiman pad, distorted and missing some foam on the inside. Ordered from Custom cable, they have a better video of how to take them off. So much money but you get so little.
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Thanks for sharing it was very useful. As a side note I'd suggest that both cups are moved into its highest position so metal bottom of cup won't hit an opposite membrane once pads are removed.

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To put ear pad back on is pretty straight forward, just push & clip the pad onto the cup; there is a plastic ring with clips under the transparent plastic flab on the ear pad.


It is somewhat similar to remove/install ear pad on HD400:


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Made a quick video on how to update the ear pads.


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