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changing ER4p to ER4s

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I'm interested in buying ER4s's and live in the Chicago burbs near Etymotic Research. As some have mentioned that it is possible to change the ER4p's to 4s's, and I thought it would be cool to have the flexability to use my 470 or mz r900 without the c-moy at times, I called ER to ask about this. I talked to two people there that had no idea what I was talking about. Anyone have any info on this? I assume that the drivers are the same. Is the fidelity the same?Thanks
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I believe it was a simple cable that did this, and I think that the verdict was that it worked...
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Don't talk to etymotic - i doubt they would know about this amazing little mod, and even if they did, the LAST thing they'd want to do is spread the word. If they did, no one would buy the 4S, since the 4P could serve double duty (@home and on the road).

I believe the actualy mod was a 100 ohm (??) resistor.....changing the impedance changed the sound of the 4P to mimic the 4S'.

Try and track down Daniel Pumphrey.....he ought to be able to help you.....
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mikejazz, welcome to Head-fi.

You might want to look up the member "d wilson" and send him an e-mail or PM. If I am not mistaken, he is the representative for Etymotic Research and posts here and HeadWize from time to time. He would be able to give you a qualified response.
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I thnk dwilson should know what you're talking about. write him an email and see how things go. Keep us updated! I'm particularly interested in this subject as I'm considering a pair of etys too.
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from what i've read, it's a 73 ohm resistor. it should be fairly simple to build, even for someone who has never built anything before.
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yup, i have one of these adapters, made possible through the magic of dan pumphrey. if you're really interested send me an email or pm and i can give you his email address. be patient though -- it took several months of waiting and correspondence for dan to have enough time as well as the correct parts, and i'm not sure if he still wants to make them. i believe it is not that difficult a procedure to build one of your own, although it might require some experimentation.
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