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FS: ASL Wave 8, Bottlehead S.E.X Fixer-Upper

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Hi all,


some k1000 users might be interested in these...


I have a pair of wave 8 monoblocks I recently acquired from audiogon. I haven't even had a chance to properly use them yet; I've only taken them out of the box to set up (no dedicated preamp). I paid 300 + shipping and that's what I'd like to get back from this. They come with 4 mullard and 4 Ei tubes. Cages and the original schematic are included.


I also have a Bottlehead SEX kit that I haven't really gotten around to fixing...I bought it from a user on head-fi who added 2uF teflon caps. However, during transit, the caps managed to torque off two 150k resistors. At this point, there was sound coming out from one channel. Fast forward a few months, I hacked the resistors back into place, but the channel is still dead. Given the timeframe with which I acted, I don't see myself repairing this anytime soon. The glue holding the base is also coming apart, possibly from the east coast weather. I should have a pdf/cd of the manual which I can send as well. I think it'd be a quick fix for someone who is remotely knowledgeable, so I'm offering it at 320+shipping. Two amperex tubes and one RCA tube (6DN7 iirc) are included. There is a headphone jack built in as well for all the high-impedance people out there. I can't speak for quality at large but what I heard out of the sole channel was quite good


I can do international at cost, please PM me and we can work something out.


Pictures to follow after work.



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I just wanted to give you a bump, and say that my Wave 8's really do a stellar job driving the K-1000's. I was surprised that such inexpensive tube amps would do the job so well, providing weighty bass and lush mids. I can feel the air turbulence against my ears during the bass passages and the tendency for the K-1000's to sound a bit bright is reversed to some degree. Anyone looking for a great budget amp for these earspeakers would do well to check these out.

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Thanks a lot michael, I'll also bump with some photos. Please let me know if under the cover shots are necessary; they are in perfect condition (as perfect as ASL makes their products at least)



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Need these gone, 250 for either. losing quite a bit of money but that's how it goes.

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Any pictures of the bottlehead?

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Sorry about that, didn't check the thread properly.












I apologize for the blurry pics, please PM if you need more, I'd be happy to oblige.

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Bottlehead is sold, ASLs still available.

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Do you still have theASL's
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ASL's are still available. Please inquire via PM

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price dropping wave 8 to 270

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