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Frank I Feedback

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All my feedback is on Audiogon under Pfkdmiac and I have 9yrs positive.

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Frank bought my Decware CSP-2.  It was a very smooth transaction, Frank is a good communicator, and I would very happily do business with him again

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Purchased Russian and Mullard tubes for my Little Dot MKIII and bought the Shure 840. Frank's a great guy and great Head-Fi'er. Service was done in person so there we no issues. Would do business without hesitation.

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I bought a Little Dot MKII + tubes from Frank.  Really nice guy, great communication, and very smooth transaction.  The shipping was very quick too. Definitely a great seller!

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Bought Frank's AKG K701 headphones.  Frank packed everything really well for shipment & I got the headphones very quickly.  Really good guy- I would do business with Frank again with no hesitation.

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Sold Frank my Asgard, perfect transaction. Great head-fi'er!  we even chatted on the phone for a bit .  M

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Bought Frank's Schiit Asgard. Perfect transaction, shipped quickly, excellent communication! Outstanding headfi'er, highly recommended! Thanks again!

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