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You opinion please?

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I'm looking for a good, sturdy pair of noise-canceling cans. This is my first time investing in a really good pair of headphones. So far I'm looking at these: 


Sennheiser HD 205 Studio Monitor DJ Headphones

Shure SRH750 DJ Headphones

iFrogz EarPollution DJ Style On-Ear Sterea Headphones

Sennheiser HD428 Around the Ear Headphones

Sennheiser HD-280 Professional Headphones


I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, and most of it's on my iPod: Orchestral stuff, pop, rock, and a LOT of dance music. So I need a pair of headphones that are pretty well-rounded sound-wise. I'm willing to shell out up to 100 bucks if you want to suggest anything.

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Have you ever tried noise canceling headphones before?  I hope I'm not presuming too much, but you said this is your first time going into more expensive headphones.  If you've never heard noise canceling phones before, be prepared for some of the misconceptions.  Many people think that they block out ALL background noise, like people talking.  However, the reality is they only lower the background noise from a constant source, like an airplane engine, a fan, or a refrigerator.  I'm saying all of this because I've never tried a set of noise canceling phones I really liked.  In order to pull off the canceling, they have to have their own on-board amp, which often colors the music against my personal tastes.  So, unless you really need noise canceling phones (you fly a lot), I think your dollar goes farther with closed headphones.

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I'd like to add on to Hodgjy's post. The Sennheiser headphones you've shortlisted are not noise-canceling cans. But they are closed back headphones and isolate passive noise very well. On the other hand, our travel headphones (with the exception of CX 6 Travel) are equipped with NoiseGard active noise canceling technology and they do a great job of eliminating low frequency noise, especially when you're on a plane, train, bus or in any other noisy environment.

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I travel/fly a lot.  I fawned over which noise cancelling headphones to get for a loooooooong time.. i must have read every review of every brand 100 times.  I tried a few pairs, and ultimately sprung for a cheap pair of IEM's.  Klipsch s4 to be exact.  they run for $80 on amazon but i found some on ebay for $50.  I was pretty staunch against IEM's at first, but found the klipsch's especially were actually quite comfy.  what i found was...IEM's isolate better, they dont require batteries, if you get the right ones they dont require an amp... they are much more portable, and they sounded better than more expensive noise cancelers.


when you buy noise cancelling you are paying for the noise cancelling technology, and you dont get nearly as much bang for your buck with sound quality because of that.

however the klipsch s4 for example, sound great to me (coming from a $750 pair of custom orthos back home) and only cost me like $50 on ebay.  I use them in planes all the time with either an ipod touch or a sansa clip and im quite content. 


so thats my 2 cents and of course only my opinion.. i get the feeling many others here will concur though


go for IEM's you'll be glad you did.

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@hodgjy: I'm aware that noise-cancelers don't drown up all noises, but from what you said, it would make sense to me to get some. I deal with some traveling (busses, planes), and I prefer to keep my sound to myself (closed cans), but at the same time,

@Rosmadi Mahmood: I'm kind of worried about the sound quality (Thus the closed-back sennheisers). I deal with a lot of down time too. I need a sort of multipurpose headphones . Any suggestions?

@Br777: Thanks. It's always good to see different peoples' opinions. ^_^ I'll have to check those out...

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IMO and given your stated budget, our range of closed cans (HD 418 to HD 448) would fit you fine. But as Br777 has mentioned, you may may also want to consider IEMs.  

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