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Hearing many honest opinions would save someone hundreds of dollars. This is not a teenage brawl. AND Hubcaps and and rims are the biggest waste of money on the face of this earth. Music is on a higher plane of respectable enjoyment.



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hubcaps-headphones.  Kinda interchangeable in this scenario.  Made me chuckle either way.

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Personally, I think that they're extremely complementary cans. Owning both the 225i and K702 should allow you to very happily listen to just about every recording ever made. Assuming, of course, you had proper amplification...

YES, thank you! I''ve only just recently gotten into this hobby, and for the past few days ive been dreaming of that exact combo.

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I have had a set of 702s for a month running off a Pre Amp headphone amp (AVA Insight +).


The results have been nothing but stellar, if you really like music you will like these phones.


Not here to say these are better or worse than other cans, but for the price these phones are

so nearly perfect its not funny.


Listening to Joe Satriani's Rubina is out of this world, Strings sound like strings, vocals will make you cry...

Bass, if running off a pc sound card, I can see where people say they are lacking in bass, off an amp and my

pre amp the bass is accurate, tight, fast and dynamic....the tympani in Copelands Fanfare for Modern Man is so real...

the typmani sound like, well tympani!!!


I have other cans that have more bass per say, but its not accurate and its boomy.


These cans are for the purist that wants accuracy, they are like surgical scaples.....


Good recording excellent sound, garbage or mediocre stuff...well its mediocre out...


For $250 or bucks being compared to $400, $500 heck even $1500 cans says alot!


All the best


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