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Klipsch S4 vs Head Direct RE0

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I am looking for a new pair of iem's. I live in India and don't have too many choices here. I have to decide between the Klipsch S4 and Head Direct RE0. Both cost exactly the same here. I use a Cowon D2, and was using the PX-100s until now, but want to upgrade. I mainly listen to Rock(Metal, classic Rock, Progressive Rock and almost all subgenres). Bands like Pin Floyd, Zepplin, The Doors, The Who, Queen, Beatles and also some amount of Pop and country, nothing else. Say 70% rock though. The headphones need to be sturdy as I am money struggling college student and can only buy ONE good pair to use for the next 3 years atleast. Please don't link me to pages reviewing the two iems seperately as thats of no use, I know both of these are good. Also Plz keep in mind my music tastes.


PS- My first post

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ps- I listen to mostly compressed music mp3 files @ 129-320 kbps...mostly 128-256 kbps. Say avg if 192kbps per file. I use a Cowon D2.

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I'll tide you over til' morning when people more experienced with both chime in. Here's my prediction of the general consensus: S4- fun, bassy, crowd pleasing, overrated in that price range. RE0- detailed, smooth, tops in its class, not for so much for bass-demanding folks. Given how different they are, I doubt you'll get a clear better/worse answer. Given your music preferences, I predict RE0 comes out on top. 


That may not have been helpful, but you probably won't get responses til tomorrow so I didn't want you to feel unloved.

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I used to own a PX100 and after getting the RE0s the PX100 took a back seat.

The RE0s are very good and the bass is very detailed and extends very low, you just need to Eq for it.

I use a walkman A828 and mp3s compressed "lame v0 (fast extreme)" 220 - 240kbps VBR.

The details the RE0s can bring out of those mp3s is amazing.
Go for the RE0s.

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Go for the S4 if you want to enjoy yourself. If not stick with the RE0 for background listening when you study.

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waiting for more opinions

i distinctly remember reading somewhere that one of the two is better for compressed music and also for Rock. I also remember that the cable is thin, does this imply weak...any experiences??

Plz remember Rock,  mp3 192kbps compressed and sturdiness and Cowon D2

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I also have the option of sound magic brand


pl30s cost a forth of s4/reo, while pl50s cost 60%

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Go for the S4.  They were better for Rock music as I remember, were extremely comfortable due to their lightweight and small size, and the sound quality was pretty good considering the price.  


The RE0s are good too, but if you had both and listened side by side, you'll wonder where the bass went with the RE0s.  They have a better quality bass (more clear, controlled), but unless you can EQ it, rock music will be lacking.  If you said something like Jazz was what you primarily listen to, then I would recommend the RE0s over the S4...


Also, I haven't had any bad experience with mine yet, but if you look through the forum you'll find plenty of people complaining about the build quality of the RE0s.  It comes with a year warranty though, but if you're unable to take advantage of it when you need it, you may want to go with something else.    

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Ive had my RE0s for 8 months and no issue with build. i think they are very solid.

I think the amount of complaints is pretty low considering Head-Direct sell 200 RE0s a month and i think the return for repair rate was 3 %, as quoted in a post by Fang from Head-Direct.

I am a very happy RE0er as you may guess

Picture 10.png

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hrmm where's my comparison between the RE0 and S4, gotta look for it.  But, in the mean time I prefer the RE0 much more balanced and a pleasure to listen to over the over powering bass and aggressive highs that makes the mids sound recessed, even though the soundstage on the S4 like the RE0 narrow.


Edit: RE252, RE0 and S4 Comparison

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