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Thanks to all

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Hi all;

Big storm up here tomorrow, then University shut down for a few weeks.

Since i don't have internet at home (or TV or radio), I'll wish everyone a happy holiday and thank all of you who provided advice and comments. Enjoyed most of the posts.

And thanks for all the sales-everyone I dealt with was a straight shooter.

See ya nect year.

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Umm.. where's the Great White North? Santa, is this you?
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it's either Canada or Scandinavia I guess.

but err, macky, you're going to be snowed in for a while? sounds cold, brrrr
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gotta be Buffalo
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Originally posted by rickcr42
gotta be Buffalo
Believe it or not, we don't have a spec of snow on the ground yet. It's almost spooky! Last year, we had something like 75" or so at this time.
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Sorry for any confusion-it's winter break. No self respecting canuck institution would shut down for more than a day because of a minor thing like 20 cm of snow and gale force winds.

Mother nature drove us to drink.

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