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JVC HA-S650 Review + Pics

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Hey Head-Fi.


After a long period of research, asking questions, and a war in my head I have finally decided to purchase the JVC HA-S650.


I was looking for the "perfect" on-the-go, closed, isolating, decently sounding, and most importantly comfortable headphones and I think the JVC HA-S650 fit the bill quite well.


I also noticed no one reviewed these, so I'll be honored to do the first review while having them on my head simultaneously. These cans have been burned in for about 15 hours so far.


First and foremost, the box these headphones come in is quite simple yet professional looking and with a few glossy bits seen here.


JVC650 003.jpg


Packaged relatively well, the only thing it came with is the headphones themselves, so no free 1/4 adapter or bag.


So let's begin...


Build Quality/Aesthetics:


When I first got these, I thought dang are these cans small. If you were to compare, I would say they are a stubby version of the PX100/100-IIs. They are very light in weight and feel inbetween fragile and sturdy. They fold flat so you can rock em around your neck and place em in your travel bag, however they don't collapse. The headband is adjustable like any other, and is made of a rubbery material that bends along with the aluminium, so that part definitely won't break.


The cable I really like. They are chilled out cables that don't stay bent if you ever try that and tangle-free. Quite thick too, probably twice the thickness of the cables found on a PX100. The cable is Y-style, so some might not like that and a tad short, but perfect length from your pocket.


The pads a easily removable by twisting them to the left allowing you to check out the memory foam pads under the leather (or pleather?) and see the driver.


In terms of aesthetics, they look great. Subtle, black, and professional that would match your everyday suit-n-tie look. They look small on the head too, the band disappears in your hair (at least mine) and all you have 2 small glossy blocks on the sides of your face.


They are also 32 ohms, run pretty loud on an Ipod Touch 3G. I need to set the volume 1 increment to the left of the pause/play icon to achieve my comfortable listening level.




One of the most important things to me is comfort. And these deliver! The padding smells like leather, so I'm sure it's leather (but maybe pleather?), and they are oh-so-soft. They are as soft as the pads found on the Bowers & Wilkins P5, and definitely something you can have on for hours back-to-back. The clamping force for a big head like mine, is just right. Not even the slightest discomfort from either the band (which doesn't have padding) or the earpads and I have been wearing them for about 4 hours now.


Isolation/Sound Leakage:


These cans isolate quite well. How I tested them? I put the TV on a volume where the neighbors would complain, and I could only hear a little bit of muffle coming from the TV, provided that I had music playing out of my Ipod at the same time. Another test, my friend rang our apartment bell, and that thing is very loud. I didn't even notice it until he called my on my cell, which I saw it vibrating and lighting up. And another test to mention, I used these while vacuuming the house, and I own an old Miele bought in 1983 which is pretty loud. Honestly I could only hear it slightly when music is playing. When I was at the train station, a fast train raced by being very loud, and of course I was able to hear it though I was still able to hear my music 40%-50%.


Sound leakage is almost nil on these. Good I had my buddy over to test it. I played music on my comfortable listening level, and he said he couldn't hear anything. Good so far.


*One thing to mention: When you put em on your head, wait a bit for the pads to close up since they are memory types. Also you'll feel like some sort of "sucking" sensation which indicate you have placed them on your ears perfectly for a seal, so yes a bit of placement matters, kinda like what I have read with the 228 however only the seal is affected.


Sound Quality:


Alright here is the most important part...


Songs range from 192-320 kbits on MP3 format. 192 sounds like 320 to me, so I never bothered to get all converted to 320 or FLAC.


I find these cans so far to be pretty "neutral". No frequency stands out above the others, and they work pretty well together. I'd say you can play any genre with them, which is great for my very wide range taste of music.


For the bass and lows, I would describe the bass as "somewhat" tight, full, and the fairly extended lows are satisfying and really detailed. Maybe the bass is more accommodating to the rest, than being the most prominent sound.

On the song "Body On Me" by Nelly ft. Akon & Ashanti, the low note of the bass is quite clear to hear but doesn't leak into the mids.

On the song "Again & Again" by 2PM, the bass punches well, and is somewhat tight but also tucked in making sure it's not the most obvious.

On the song "Da Blow" by Lil' Jon, the bass is not overwhelming being the only thing you can hear, but mixes well with the vocals and the hi-hat hitting in the background.

On the song "Closer" by Ne-yo, the bass kicks really well and is deep without overwhelming his voice which is really refreshing.


For your mids, both men and women's voices sound clear and detailed. Guitars and pianos sound quite refreshing.

Song tested: "Happy And" by Kang Kyun Sung ft. Nicole Jung, "Nunibushyeo" by Jumper ft. Jiyoung, "Day After" by Hong Kyung Min ft. Park Gyuri, "Dear Mom" by SNSD.


All these songs are male and female duets, except "Dear Mom".


For highs, let's just say it's right up to the level where the mids and bass are. All your sparkles, hi-hats, etc. in the songs are obvious, but not painfully sharp or harsh in any way. Not overpowering, not understated, just right.


Sibilance/128 kbits forgiving:


These headphones are sibilance free, which I am really grateful for. But oddly if you position them dead in the middle of your ears, there will be sibilance. In my case I position the cups to where a little bit of my earlobes stick out, if the earlobes are covered, sibilance is there. Weird...


No, these are not forgiving of 128 kbit songs, you'll hear a difference compared to 192 kbit, but not 192 kbit to 320 kbit (in my case).


Soundstage and 3D Imaging:


With these headphones you get tickets to mid to front row seats and you can pick out each voice and instrument quite well.


For 3D imaging I used the song "Pushing Me Away Remix" and there is this little "beep" that moves from the right to left speakers. Let's say the "beep" revolves around my head, so fairly good, but not as good as my RP-21s which has more depth and width.


Also on "Dear Mom" by SNSD, towards the end of the song there is a sparkle sound that goes from left to right, followed by a rainmaker instrument sound that goes right to left. You can clearly follow the sparkle which is also at the top of your head, and the rainmaker sound at the bottom as if it was in your throat. It felt like these sounds were literally around my head.




From all this I can basically say if you are/were in the same boat as me, trying to find a supra-aural, closed, isolating, portable, comfortable, and neutral/decently sounding headphone, these would be it.


Also the price tag is welcoming. For 39 Euros, they do well for people on a budget. Just remember, if you want something with more bass, something like the AKG K518s would fit you better, but the bass should be adequate enough for others.




JVC650 001.jpg


JVC650 002.jpg


Thanks for taking time and reading!

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After burning the cans in more, about 40 hours now, the bass has become more fuller than before. It became more well-behaved and impactful than it did compared to ~15 hours. Still not where it is the most obvious frequency, yet still accommodating in nature.


Also something that I didn't take note of before was that the "arms" holding the speakers "creak" a bit when putting it on and off your head. It does not creak when walking though.

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Good review. I'm glad you're happy with your purchase.

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Hmm, surprising that the smaller version of the MA-750 sounds different than their big brother. I thought that the MA-750 sounded very aggressive, especially at the high-mids. And you say that these sound neutral? I might look into it sometime.

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Thx! U helped out along the way ^^.




Yep, I would say these give a neutral sound. Everything is there to listen, but it's not too aggressive, not too cold, just in the middle.

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I figured out how to fix the "creak". On the each side of the arms is a screw. Just tighten the screw more, almost a bit more than you can go, and the creaking stops. Also I added a little bit of vaseline when I took the plates on the sides out, that really helped!

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Great review. I look forward to trying them out.

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Could you also give me a sense of how big the earpads are -- a rough dimension? They look kind of big in the pictures.

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The earpads are about as big as half your palm. I kinda have small hands though. And on that one pic, a little bit smaller than the screen of an Ipod Touch.


Rough dimension would be: 4.5 cm length, 6.5 cm height.

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A bit disappointing news, but I recently found how positioning on the ears DOES matter.


Before I mentioned isolation is only affected, but so is sibilance.


I guess the driver is angled in a way, and for me, if I extend the headband 6-7 clicks (6-7 each side) on my head then I notice harshness and sibilance in the songs (provided the volume is fairly high), the padding covers my earlobe.


But if I use only 4 notches, the harshness and sibilance is gone... odd... and the padding slightly covers my earlobe.


Weird how a few clicks does this, so I have definitely taken note of that.

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looks like a nice cans, i have his little brother S350 and found it too bassy, i think this one is more balance

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After burning them in for pretty much 100+ I would assume they are done.


I must say that the bass became much better now, very tight, punchy, and full and not too boomy or flabby as it first was out of the box. The mids became a bit more forward bring the vocals more to the light, though the highs seemed to stay put. I also definitely notice less sibiliance, however that being a mental or physical thing, idk. Overall they all work well in balance and none of them is singled out as being annoying in anyway. This is all unamped out of an Ipod Touch 3G... pretty happy camper.

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How does the sound compare to PortaPro? Thanks a lot.
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Intriguing.  I too am in this market and will check these out!

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Bump. Also wondering how these sound compared to the PortaPros.

Originally Posted by jung View Post

How does the sound compare to PortaPro? Thanks a lot.
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