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Best headphones for $300?

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I am in the market for earphones. My maximum price is $300 (USD).

My music taste contains a balance of all genres. Eg, Classical, Rap, Rock, Metal, Pop, etc. I listen to music on my macbook and on my iPod/iPhone only.

I currently own Shure SE310. They are good, however, the end of the wire is breaking off =/ As this is the case, I am UNsure how long they will last (pun intended).

I would like earphones that play the music as accurately as possible (maybe everyone wants this).

Do full size headphones trump IEMs in terms of sound quality for the same price? I like IEMs because they offer noise isolation. But I don't mind full size cans if they are of superior sound quality!

They must be portable, as I often listen to music on the train using my iPod. So it must cancel out or isolate train or plane noise.

Recommendations of which models I should look at, please?

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Most closed headphnes are only going to give you around half the dB of isolation provided by IEMs so keep that in mind. Are you looking for another pair of IEMs?

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I'm an open Can kind of guy but I just purchased the Turbine Pro Golds and I must say I'm fairly impressed. I run them out of my iphone but I've read that they sound even better out of a portable amp. Normally I would recommend something like the denon d2000/5000 but you'll probably need more sound isolation then they provide. In my findings, the only difference between nice closed cans and nice IEMs is that soundstaging is wider/greater in full sized cans. 


You should be able to find yourself a nice pair of iems for $300. Just make sure to shop smart and look around for the best price, also buy from authorized dealers as there are a lot of fake IEMS. 

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