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Elite TWag OM replacement cable with over molding Pre Order Info  

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After working with an over molder for months, the over molded Elite TWag OM Replacement Cable is now being made!!


Payment details. Send payment to my paypal address at csanborn@whiplashaudio.com.


I will be offering 2 lengths. 48" and 64". 


48" price is $300

64" price is $350



-It's the same wire used; TWag.

-The choker is improved to allow a tighter fit so it "chokes" better than the previous model. 

-No heat shrink used near the earpiece.

-The earpiece connector only comes in clear.

     You can order black or beige, but it will be the current mode; Elite TWag replacement cable.

-Any termination can be used which includes:

     -Viablue 3.5mm 

     -Switchcraft HD 3.5mm

     -Ray Samuels Protector balanced

     -Custom Carbon balanced 3 pin XLR or 4 pin XLR (+$100)

     -Switchcraft mini 4 pin ($20).


     -Right Angle Silver/Rhodium (+30)

     -Straight Silver/Rhodium (+30)




Buy any replacement cable and a LOD, WhipLOD (email me for price), Elite Reference WhipLOD (email for price), Adaptor cable, etc. and the receive $20 off!!

Adaptor cables: Protector -> min ($100 sale price), Protector -> 3pin balanced or 4pin ($130), or and combination of connector(s). 



EXISTING CUSTOMERS (already OWN a TWag replacement cable):

-Price is $225 for the 48" and $275 for the 64"

-I WILL allow you to send in your current cable and have the over mold done. It will take a MINIMUM of 4 weeks for this process. I may group them together. No dates on how long will be given since this is not a the normal process. The cost is $100. 





Prototype photo furnished by Warp08





The cable used in this photo is a prototype. The strain relief will be cut in half for the final version. 



Pre Order details.

I do not need $$ until I'm ready to make your cable. Meaning I will collect funds when I terminate your cable. 


If you are interested, post here and mention your connector that you would like to be terminated. Further questions, please email me at csanborn@whiplashaudio.com.


There is a limited supply for the first run. I had to increase the number of cables being over molded since the interest level is so high. More cables will be over molded. 





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Hi, I would like to order the 48" with oyaide rhodium/silver right angle, no wood dampener.

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Hi Craig,


As requested, please put me down for a 48" Protector balanced version & protector -> viablue adapter


NOTE: already paid :)




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Hi Craig,


Please put me down for a 64" Protector balanced version plus a protector -> 3.5mm Oyaide Straight Rhodium plug adapter



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Hello Craig,


Contacted you through email on my special request, returned my cable for this over-mold pre-order. Payment already made. Contact me if I need to pay extra for the Oyaide.


48",  3.5mm Oyaide Straight Rhodium plug + Over-molded connector (see picture below)




PLEASE send it to this new U.S. address instead!! NOT my Singapore address!!

224 South Salisbury St., Apt. 17

Indiana 47906, U.S.A.


Thanks a million,

James Ma


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Hi Craig,


put me down for one 48" TWag with oyaide rhodium straight




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I will need the following versions of the production version. all 64" length:


  1. 3.5 mm ViaBlue terminated
  2. 3.5 mm TTRS balanced terminated (for the upcoming HM-801 balanced GanQi module review I promised Fang)
  3. JH-3A custom-molded version (quad-pronged IEM-connect for the active cross-over - as per Jerry Harvey's specs)


Once you figured out the cost variance of the custom interconnects, please let me know the cost variance, when you ready to accept payment.



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Craig!!!as communicated,1x 48" TWag with 3.5mm viablue =)

Payment already sent for this baby!
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Hi Craig,


Please put me down for a 48" Protector balanced



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Hi Craig,

48" TWag with 3.5mm viablue Oyaide right-angle plug, thanks.





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Hey Craig 64 inch with viablue 1/8 inch.
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Hi Craig,


Please put me down for a 48" with RSA Balanced Protector plug please.  

(also remember when time comes Craig the TWag lod and TWag balanced adaptor already sent payment via Paypal for them two on 6/26/10)





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48", Viablue 3.5 mm.

Edit (Aug 2):

48" Elite TWag OM replacement cable, Oyaide straight 3.5 mm

+ Elite TWag mini-to-mini, Oyaide straight 3.5 mm


I emailed you from tommysolh@gmail.com.


Thank you!



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Craig, I would like to order the 48" with 3.5mm viablue. Thanks!!


Order Update: Elite TWAG 48" OM with Oyaide Silver / Rhodium-plated STRAIGHT plug

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Please put me down for a 48" with a oyaide silver/rhodium right angle. Thank you!

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