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Best earphones on Dealextreme.com ?

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I recently bought the orange metallic earbuds on dealextreme and I must admit I was quite impressed by them, considering the price I paid for them.

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.4319 )


Now, after browsing one hour their website, I seen that they have a lot of other products, some of them seemed to be better. 


Does anyone know what are the best earbuds on this website ?

Maybe http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.39887 ?

I am also searching for some other headphones (over the head), I came across those 2 products:




How do you find those ?



I'm listening to all kind of music, but at the moment mainly dubstep and drum'n'bass, I really liked the strong bass of the Orange Metallic ear


I'm using them with a FiiO E3 amplifier, I seen that the E5 is said to be better, is it worth the upgrade ?


So to sum it up I would like to know which earbuds and which over-the-head headphones on this website are the best (Yeah, I know, the best of THIS website obviously.)



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i bought one of those orange ones a few years back and found them to be pretty bad.


kanen has a few fairly good for the $ models but dealextreme doesn't carry many of them. you might want to take a look over at focalprice.com

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I didnt find them that good, but considering the price I paid them and compairing them to the original iPod earbuds, I found them good.

I also liked the strong bass, I only listened to dubstep with them til now, maybe thats also why I found them good.


I'll take a look at focalprice right now, but I'm still interested in knowing which are the best headphones at dealextreme, so, anyone ?

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At this price point, the bottleneck will clearly be the headphones.  Don't bother with either the E3 or the E5, I doubt they'll come into play. 


If you have time, check out ClieOs' thread where he compares dozens of IEMS.  http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/450407/multiple-iem-shootout-v-3  


ljokerl also has a monster of a comparison thread, and you'll as likely find what you need there. 



I trust both their ears, and they'll point you to the best headphones at any price point. 


Unless you have no budget, and literally have no way to accumulate more money, please consider spending at least $20 at a minimum on headphones.  You have to consider that you'll be using these headphones for hundreds of hours, and that their initial cost isn't that high when compared to its length of utility. 

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I have budget, I just liked the headphones from dealextreme, and so wanted to know if there were better ones for a cheap price, still.


How are the Sennheiser CX500 ?

How would you compair the Kanen to them ?


My budget can go up to 70euros, maybe I should just make a new tread describing my needs, and I would get better answers ?




What do you think about those ?

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Well, thanks alot james, think I'm gonna get those Koss PortaPro :)

I think I'll read up more and make a new thread later.


But for now Id like that we go back to the topic: best earphones on dealextreme, it also interests me, even though I may buy a more decent pair later :)


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i wouldnt like to say, i would like to say they are probably all as bad as eachother. 

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Just bought myself the Kanen MD-52 and Sennheiser CX400 II.


I'll look from some decent over the head headphones, now that I have my portable not-so-expensive in-ears :)

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Anything that does not say genuine, is indeed fake. Unless that the brand you buy from deal extreme is a chinese brand, I doubt that it would be real, so watch out.

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Just received the kanen m 52 and sennheiser cx 400 II from focalprice.

Kanen are.. pretty bad but sennheised were in original box and seemed genuine, find them pretty good.

Wondering if the monster turbines there are genuine, anyone knows?

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on focalprice the sennheiser seemed genuine.

wondering about buying the monster turbines here.


anyone did?

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FYI, there is no genuine Sennheiser on FocalPrice, so don't waste your money and time.

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Check out the Playaz/Xears threads...


A few of them sound good with EQ, and they go on sale often, from already low prices. 

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