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Get a cmoy or don't worry about amps. I remember the DBI's I heard at HMV* weren't so bad with a random CD player. Don't worry about cheap amps  now, I'd come back when you have a bit for free cash and try a nice amp or a surround sound processor. 


(*that's the music store, for those outside the UK, Canada, HK, Singapore & Japan sphere)

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Originally Posted by tipsycoma View Post

I'm looking for a amp for my home (non portable) for under 75 USD, and was just wondering if someone could point me to the best price/performance option is.


My headphones are the DBI Pro-700.


Thank you!

Look for a used x-head, or you may be able to get one for $89 shipped in the open box section here (like I did), they are $159 right now but still worth it at that price IMO. It's a very good solid state amp for that price range, you won't do better for under $100. It's a real desktop amp, very solid and well built. Make sure it's "revision B" though, it will say on the bottom.

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You can buy a nice portable amp like the NuForce Icon Mobile, which can also be used as an amp/dac.  I actually prefer it over the uDac and I like the flexibility of using the amp only part (plus, to my ears, I think this amp/dac goes better with my D2000s).


That'll run you about 100 bucks and should be sufficient to power those cans.


You could always buy a hybrid tube amp for 150 shipped such as my Little Dot I+, if you really want a nice tube amp.


Just some things for you to consider.

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Originally Posted by tipsycoma View Post


I somewhat think it was a mistake to join this site, only because I come here asking questions and get condescending remarks from people who own thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment lol and mock my 75$ budget because they have a 3000$ amp and whatnot.

Sorry you first experience had to be the "Lords" coming down from on high and making "Pronouncements".


Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot of gear in the price range you're looking at.  The reason is because there's no economies of scale involved in making these things, and headphone amps are a small market.  There is still good sound available in that price range though.  Receivers are a good place to start.  Some of them make really good headphone amps.  If your receiver doesn't work out, there are a few others you could try.


Those Bravo amps are also a good choice if you think you might like the tube sound.  I'm listening to an Indeed G2, which is a slightly modified Bravo clone, right now.  Is it the best ever?  No.  Is it good for the money?  Yep, very.  Be sure to budget for a decent tube though, I've never heard any thing positive  about the stock Chinese ones.


I've heard good things about those x heads mentioned above, so it's worth considering too.  You could also jest get a CMoy and run it from a 9v plugpack.  Other than that, you could keep an eye on the FS forum and see if anything in your price range comes up.


Also, what kind up sound card do you have?  Most stand alone sound cards are quite good DACs already.

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Musiland Monitor 01 US


the best its gonna get for that price.

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The yulong u100 is on sale for 180 dollars as well.

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It seems I am only expanding the amount of products that I do not know enough about. I am going to begin eliminating choices, while still adding things that would work.


Would it be better to use a separate dac and amp or a combined unit?


What is more important, the dac or the amp?


Is tube sound better, and how so?


Answers to any of these questions will help my search immensely, so please answer even if it's just a small, slightly irreverent fact.

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