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Crash course headphones help.

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Sup head-fi members.

I'm brand new here as you can see this is my first post.

I've read through a few threads and i still have a lot of mixed feelings about the headphones i want to buy.


I was at the airport the other day and there were beats for sale, i plugged in my ipod to the studio beats (the full size ones) and was extremely impressed by the bass, noise cancelling, and comfort.


I became interested in getting a pair but i decided to do some research online and i was getting a lot of good reviews on them until i came across this website.u guys for

I am now concerned about getting them because every post with anything about them is basically 100% no to them.


So I'm asking you guys for help, I really want a nice pair of headphones because i want to enjoy my music to the fullest.


Here are some guidelines and restrictions to what i want to get.


1. BASS, I love bass, the headphones i get have to have AMAZING bass, i listen to LOTS of techno, dubstep, deathcore (stuff with double bass drums) DnB etc.. mostly music that emphasizes bass, so if the bass isnt good then forget them.


2. I really don't want to have to use an amp, I read that most portable amps aren't very good and i do a lot of my listening in the car, at school, walking, and working out etc.. so unless somebody can suggest a good portable amp... so if the headphones require an amp to be good then forget them too.


3. price really isnt much of a problem, but try to keep it to about $350 or less, if im paying for quality and they really give the right quality to cost ratio then im fine with it.


4. style, style isn't the biggest issue, but since i am wearing these a lot in public and I do like to look nice, you know i dont want some giant boring grey headphones, thats not for me, i like things that stand out.


5. comfort is a pretty big one, i normally listen to music for long periods of time so they gotta stay comfortable over 3 hours etc.. also i like to fall asleep to music, so headphones that are good for sleeping in are a plus also.


TLDR: AKA I dont want to read long blocks of text... Help me find a good headphone for $350 or less, has to have amazing bass and comfort. Preferably no amp required. style is kind of important but isnt required, i dont like grey or solid colors...


lemme know if you have any concerns with my requirements.

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Honestly, if you liked the Beats, they probably fit pretty close to your requirements.  If you'd be happy with them, don't let us tell you they suck.


Of course, I do think you can get better sound quality, but a lot of the best sounding cans aren't pretty.


The Beyerdynamic DT150 and 770/Pro 80 would both sound better for cheaper, but they are ugly as sin.


You could check out the Sony XB700, which probably sounds better than the Beats for quite a bit cheaper and dishes out some serious bass.


The other thing to consider is Ultrasone.  They have some nice looking headphones, and for that cash you could get into the HFI 680/780, which should also fit your requirements.

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Joelpearce thank you for your time and input.


TBH the beyerdynamic 770's don't look all that bad in my opinion and when you say sound better does that mean quality or bass or overall, cause i want serious bass induced eargasms ahhaha.


as for the sony's i read a few reviews on the official sony website saying that with bass booster on the music eq on there some cracking occurred and some of the techno i listen to has some heaaavy bass and it needs to handle it well. plus they look a little too puffy.


the ultrasone 780's look pretty nice, decent style and the statistics on them are pretty nice.


tbh the reason i feel like im leaning on the beats is because i have actually tried them for myself with the music i listen to and they seemed to fit my needs, for that time at least. i dont want to be biased towards them because they have been the only thing i heard so far. im trying to be open minded towards anything anybody takes time to suggest, but so far the beats have the best style of anything i've looked at with similar quality so far and thats kinda big for me.


also every time ive seen people hate on the beats here i havent seen any backup, anybody wanna clue me in on WHY you guys don't like them?

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Originally Posted by e2pathos View Post


also every time ive seen people hate on the beats here i havent seen any backup, anybody wanna clue me in on WHY you guys don't like them?


And you can get better quality headphones for the price...or less. 

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Originally Posted by desktophifi View Post


And you can get better quality headphones for the price...or less. 

I see the point there but really a personal preference of mine is style and look etc... most of those lower priced and so called higher quality earphones are just flat silver/black/grey/brown etc... and it's not that i feel insecure it's just that in places like school i wouldnt want to wear huge bulky and boring headphones i would feel a little awkward like i was doing listening tests or something. so other than overpriced in your opinion is there anything else wrong with them? i mean some of these headphones all sound different and they could be personal preference, im not trying to get defensive but have you even tried them?

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Welcome to Head-Fi. 
I personally wouldn't go for the DT770s as I found their bass to be overpowering and boomy with a recessed midrange though better than the Beats, imo. Then again that's just me. If you're interested in them Guitar Center has them I believe. If you do go there also try out the Audio Technica M50 as it has received a lot of praise.
I have similar music preferences and at least to me the Ultrasone sound sig fits perfectly. If you want lots of bass I hear the HFI-580 has a ton. Just a bit of a warning  they tend to be a love them or hate them can so the sound sig may not suit you. Not sure if Guitar Center has them in stock or not but I remember seeing some lower end Sones there.
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Thanks for the input Napalm.


I have heard some good things about the M50's.


It's so hard to keep track of what people say about what headphone cause none of them have names haha it's all letters and numbers and i'm trying to keep track of every different one.


When I get home from vacation I'll probably head to best buy/guitar center/radio shack etc... to check out some of the other headphones you guys have mentioned, hearing them for myself is probably the best way to see which one I like most.


Keep up the great input guys thanks

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Are bumps allowed here? Oops

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