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very nice Yun!! :D

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Originally Posted by ujamerstand View Post
This one uses toshiba 2SJ74BL as input jfets, 2sc3676s as output devices. Special thanks to BoilermakerFan for making the parts suggestions!

Your welcome, but I can't take credit for the 2SC3676s, mine came from pabbi1 and he received the recommendation or confirmation the substitution would work from luvdunhill and probably others.  I just like the 74BLs over all other small signal transistors, so I have a nice stash of them for all of my Cavalli and Pass builds. 


I'm just glad you decided to go through with the build and are enjoying it. 

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A stash of 74BLs? You lucky bastard! smily_headphones1.gif I recently bought a bunch off ebay, I suspect that they are fakes, but for the price along with buyer's protection I couldn't resist. I'll have to take them to the ece lab to do some testing once they arrive...

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2sc3676 are easy to recommend when you have a bunch in the parts box...  -)


So, it's pretty and all, but how does it sound?

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I'll tell you that it sounds very good to my ears. :) But honestly I don't have any other electrostatic amplifiers to it compare to. I have heard the T2 before, but that was during a meet, and I spent too little time on it to be able know the difference. :(

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Can these (Cornell 5989-630V0.1-F):



be used instead of these (Wima 505-MKS4.1/630/10) on C5,C7?


What worries me is the load life of 1000 hours on the Cornell. Does not sound like much when compared with the Wima's.


On second thought, these ones I think should work I think. Am I correct?



The MKS4-.1/630/10 is out of stock.


BTW, still waiting for parts.

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Very nice work Ujamerstand! I'm using the same Par Metal Case for my build :)

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I've gotten my eXStatA back from Sachu after having the digital attenuator repaired, and loving it with my SR-Lambda tonight. Unfortunately I think I killed my hybrid eXStatA PSU by running it without a proper load on the PSU because the wires between PSU and amp boards were loose. That's why the PSU LED would alternately go on and off for a while. Fortunately I've got a new PSU board and parts to stuff it coming soon.
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nice..glad you got it back safely and everything is well with the world again..well apart from me having to debug the failed PSU. Should have it fixed this weekend hopefully.

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Success powering the PS!

T1-T2: 360 mV

T3-T4: 410 mV

Both rails: about 315 V

T1 and T3 with respect to ground: approx 331 V each.

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gilency, I replied to a PM, but I see that you are past that now. Glad you got this far. smily_headphones1.gif

Dr. Cavalli gained notoriety with his first DIY amplifier projects. His success has blossomed into Cavalli Audio, a world leader in amplifier design.
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Hi, just wondering, How can I get the PCB for the ss version of exstata now...



I tried to do some search but comes up with nothing deadhorse.gif

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post a wanted ad..and hit up people who bought boards in the group buy but haven't yet posted any thing aboiut their builds..meaning they are sitting on their backsides doing nothing with it..or don't know how to sniff solder.

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Thank you Alex. I am happy I have come this far. And messing up the PS was the best thing it could have happened. I learned a lot.

I already started working on the enclosure (Lansing B style 16.73 x 12.00 x 3.47 inches), but need to finish wiring the amplifier.

I am afraid I wont be able to do much for the month of december due to an extremely busy work schedule, but will try here and there.

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Pardon the mess.

Here is where I am at now. Testing amplifier tomorrow.


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