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Way to reduce wind noise with IEM's?

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Hi everyone,


I have just started cycling quite a bit recently and two ago I figured I would try wearing my Eterna's while out for a bike ride. Figured it would make the ride more enjoyable and at the same time take my mind off the pretty hard workout I was going through. Long story short, while cycling especially down hills and at higher speeds I noticed quite a bit of wind noise that made the music quite hard to hear unless I cranked up my ipod. Needless to say I don't really enjoy cranking my ipod and know this isn't a particularly good option for my hearing. As such, I was wondering if anyone had some idea's or solutions as to ways I could reduce the wind noise when cycling with iem's.


Any idea's or tips from fellow cyclists?

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Your problem is with the IEMs themselves. Some IEMs like the IE8s (semi open in a way) have air ports in them and the wind is causing the sounds like you're stating. You could put something over the IEM drivers to block the wind or.... get other IEMs I guess.


What tips are you using?

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That is sort of what I figured actually, I'm using the stock single flange on the eterna's. The smaller sized one's. On my next ride I'll try out my Coppers and some of those tips, maybe the triple flange or the hybrid foam might product a more closed seal.

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Soundmagic Pl-50 or Meelec M6 do the best with the wind noise.

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Have you tried more isolating tips? I don't have problem with wind noise with any of my earphones since the tips I use are triple flanges and they isolate quite well. Then again I'm not riding a bike when I have them on however

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I recall searching on bike forums before and seeing a product that essentially acts as a wind blocker which goes on your helmet cables in front of the ears.  Haven't gotten them yet, but they claim the effect to be similar to putting a hand in front of your ears, which does reduce quite a bit of wind noise.  You should hit something if you search for 'windbreaker' and 'bike' or something similar.  I ride using SE530s myself when I'm on long rides; it's not an extremely isolating phone so you're not completely deaf around you, and for me it blocks the wind relatively well.  I was contemplating getting a low-end custom since that appeared to be more apt at this job, but after testing some putty-made custom earplugs from Amazon I found this may not necessarily be the case... Decided to save myself the $400.


It'd be stupid to use anything on a low-speed, high-traffic city area, but when you're going 18mph+ on the road the sound attenuation from the constant wind really kills your hearing.  Using the Shures have allowed me to keep the volume of the music in check, while actually hearing cars slightly easier than when I'm riding w/o anything (the best would probably be to use those custom musician's plugs, but I'm not sure I can stand that on a 2hr ride).


Either way you shouldn't trust your hearing for the most part, and I suggest you get one of those clipon rear-view mirrors if you haven't already gotten one.

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