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Racing Simulators

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Anyone play these? And no, I'm not talking about Need for Speed or anything like that...


I've been using a friend's Fanatec 6 speed wheel for a while now and yesterday got my own Logitech G27 and have been playing GTR Evolution and WTCC RACE 07.


What games do you play? They are very addicting and you can spend hours in one car on one track.

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Was thinking about getting F1 2010


To date I think Gran Turismo has been the most accurate as far as tuning and simulation.  Can't wait for GT5 to come out in November.

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Richard Burns Rally is a favourite...


I have been really hooked by GT racing with GTR and GTR 2. Done some Live for speed, rFactor and GT Legends on the side of that. iRacing I have tried a bit but it´s to expensive for me.


I am using a Nixim Racecraft GT cockpit, I have CST pedals. Except for that Fanatec Turbo S with club sport pedals currently. Have owned G25, GT 3 RS and others so you can say I am bitten by it.

I am laying low at the moment with some arcade racers like DIRT 2 and Forza 3. Though Forza 3 qualify as a semi sim.


GT 5 I will get of course but I don´t have that high hopes for that one based on what I have seen and driven so far. I strongly disagree with GT series having good car physics!

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Well, one thing we used to do was test setup changes w/ Gran Turismo 4.  We would pick our car (usually a car we had in real life), adjust the potential suspension changes and let it run sims repeatedly around any given track and log lap times.  Not an exact science for modding your real life car but useful nonetheless.  The key is actually knowing the threshold of the variables involved for your desired street application.  You need real world data as a baseline.

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Yeah I have a G25 which I use with GTR Evo.  My favourite tracks are Brands Hatch, Oulton Park (check out race sim central) and the Nordschleife, which I find work well for driving on a computer screen. Flat tracks I find boring.


I find that to 'play' you gotta devote some time. Twenty minutes or so to warm up, hot laps etc. Especially tackling the green hell! It was far easier in GTR 2!

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Yeah, warm up is important.  So is cool down, people used to get freaked out if I had to go driving after playing a racing sim.  Your reflexes and perceptions really get heightened.  The trick is keeping within the limits of the real vehicle.  


I like Silverstone, Spa and Laguna Seca (corkscrew).  Bristol from Nascar is fun for about 10 minutes.  Its like Tea Cups at Disneyland.

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I forgot to mention Race 07, GTR EVO, STCC the game. Nordschleife is just amazing. Not the best track to race other cars on but it´s a test to survive all by yourself ;) Otherwise many of the small circuits in STCC is great fun to race in.


Does any of you race online in the PC sims in racing leagues? That is some adrenaline kick I can tell you! Sometimes it´s so bad you don´t know where to go you feel like you are going to explode when waiting for the green light!

The level of racing you can get there is as good as you get. I can´t do pickup races or such for serious racing. I end up being non serious myself when I get bumped for the 10th time!

A form I particularly liked was endurance racing. In PC world that is say 90 to 180 minutes generally.

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Ah man, online racing leagues?  I wish you hadn't told me that.  Crap, I'm so screwed....

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I agree, playing the sims takes a good chunk of time. You need a few hours to warm up, set up your car, practice, get a good qualifying lap, and then race.


Playing on controllers or non clutch and manual transmission wheels really sucks now. I feel so good when I heel-toe properly (since I'm bad at it) into a corner and exit properly on the way out.

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Don´t visit that homepage unless you want viruses. Apparently just spam.


 Fanatec and Logitech and perhaps thrustmasters is those that make wheels worth looking into. I preferr the Fanatecs myself.

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Got my G27 wheel, Alcantara Place Seat, PS3 all ready for GT5. Hopefully I will have my 3D tv by then too!

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