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Need Advice.

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I need some advice i was looking through google trying to find a good setup for my xbox360 i currently have Turtlebeach HPx's with the astro mixamp i kind of want something better but i really dont know too much i need a good amp and headsets im either keeping my hpx or buying some sennheisers im very new to all this audio shit so any help would be great.

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You have a good amp, keep it. Turtle beaches are a matter of personal opinion.


I have Xbox and PS3, ATH-A900 headphones, SU-DH1 amplifier and an optical cable.

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i was kind of interested in other amps actually thank you for posting yours and if anyone else has any good setups  please let me know

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Another tid bit. For my xbox I set the chat function to come through my headphones (as well as game sound) and just have the xbox chat headset sit around my neck-and use the mic.


PS3 is set up the same, but i have the ps3 bluetooth headset on a double clip, one end clipped to the headphones bar, the other to the headset ear piece.


**also do a search on here and google `best headphones for gaming xbox ps3` - thats how I gathered infor and decided.


As I said I got the A900 my friend got the AD700(plus amp too). No need for you to buy another amp.

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