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Originally Posted by Ultrainferno View Post

You should get the ef80 or ef800 adapter. And then try some mullards or telefunken


Get the EF86 adapter, it's better.

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Is this something I need to get from the Boss? Or are there generic adapters available (ie Ebay)?

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I'd ask the boss, I think we all got ours there

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In the interim, the RCA 'red hot' (I believe) would suffice?

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The red hot are Especially advised for use with planars. Try getting some mesh plate 6sj7gt
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Well I do have HE-500s! Will look for the mesh plates as well.

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Originally Posted by TooPoor View Post

Well I do have HE-500s! Will look for the mesh plates as well.


I'm not sure how well the EF80/EF86 would pair with the HE-500's.  I only had the HE-500's for a short time with the 339 before I sold them.  I like the EF86's with the HD650's but not so much for the T1's.  I usually use the 6SJ7GT or WGT with the T1's.  

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My 339 showed up today!


With three tubes... Ugh. And it's a bit scuffed up. I'm missing one of the preamp tubes. :( Very frustrating. Not sure how long it'll take to get another one.

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Good that it showed up but crap about the scuffing, I feel your pain.  Any idea what happened?  Shipping damage / improperly packed?  And when you say a preamp tube was missing, was it destroyed or simply not there?


Bummer shipping such bulky items halfway around the globe...and specifically for this company:  I'm totally convinced about the quality of their products but communication is a real big issue and to be honest, if there's one thing (apart from shipping troubles) that would hold me back from looking closer in some of their custom options then it's that aspect.  I hate it if I can't get first hand detailed info or interact with the builder/seller.


Going to look into the Glenn amps later but for my next holiday I've ordered some boards at tube lab and I'll get busy with a soldering iron, build myself a nice 45 amp...I hope :-)

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I believe the scuffing is due to shipping, but not necessarily the fault of the shipper. I just think its very difficult to ship a 30lbs? piece of audio equipment half way around the world.


I received 3 tubes. A smaller preamp tube is missing and I tore everything apart thinking maybe it was hiding. It wasn't. Was going to switch them out anyways, but I just have to look at the amp all weekend (probably at least a week) until I have the missing tube.

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ts 6sj7gts on ebay :ph34r:

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 So the amp is up and running now with TS 5998s and RCA 5693s. This thing does. not. suck. :L3000:


 Now I just need to get myself a better DAC and call it a day for my desktop setup.

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Also, I'm good at listening to music, not eloquently commenting on it, so bear with me.


I find this combo of tubes and amp to be pretty neutral for a tube amp. It can reach real low and hit highs without being sibilant (as of my first listen). I'm looking to replace my Bushmaster MKII in favor of a DAC with more options. I'm really interested in the AudioGD line specifically the ESS9018 implementations, but fear that it may be a bit too cold from what I've read. Anyone care to throw in their two cents for a DAC that synergizes well with LF339?

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My Vio V800 does well with my 337 but that amp model's said to sound even more neutral / ss-like than the 339 and that suits me just fine.  About DACs and tube amps:  I don't know.  I'm not a strict objectivist but I do believe that if a DAC is well built, any differences in reproduction will be insignificant when paired with a tube amplifier which is 'inherently' inaccurate vs a sand amp.  It's the construction of the amplifier, more than the DAC or even the tubes, that will determine the sound.


Just my 2c of course.


BTW:  your 5998/5693 combo is what I also use a lot with my 337, I find that the 5693 put some 'meat on the bones' of the music.

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I never actually heard the stock tubes. I had all the tubes before I received the amp. I imagine the 5998s will be sufficient for a long while, but will look into upgrading the 5693s to something maybe better sounding and a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

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