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Yup, ideally the transformer should have a load on it...otherwise it can act like an ignition coil, but I don't think it would ignite at headphone voltages...nevertheless the recommendations are to have a load connected when on.

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Joined the club!


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+ 1

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Goodbye LF339

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Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post


Goodbye LF339


I'll take good care of her, mate. 

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The new amps have the silver logo. I ask the Boss... As for the special 6J5 tubes, I think you can only have that if you ask a special wiring to the Boss...

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Originally Posted by White Lotus View Post


I'll take good care of her, mate. 

Do get some better tubes than the ones used in the picture ;)

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Something funny and a bit of a gamble: i just scored a pair o nosf 6as7g tubes under the 'Haltron' label. The site did not show a picture so I mailed them to ask for a description of the tube. They described it as having the inscription 'Haltron, 6as7g/ sa, 1834', made in England and with a curved brown plastic base. Sounds a lot like a relabeled gec. Don't know if that can be but if yes I struck a great deal at 35 EUR for the pair. Or my greed got the better of me and I'll end up with 2 duds. Anyone have these?
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Sounds like the real deal, we will only know once you post pics as there are a lot of fake GEC's out there as well.

Was it a well known shop?

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No, actually it's from a guy on ebay who sdlls mostly old junk. I know what you're thinking but bear with me: a couple of months ago he offered a huge lot of ts 5998 on sale, with the specific mention that sold was sold, no warranty and he did not want feedback. Those tubes had pics and looked good so I chanced it at about 50 eur a pair. Frankly, I thought they would probably not be working and I was the only fool to have bid on them. Well, they arrived, nos 5998, no fakes, terrific sound and in my 337 now. I mailed him stating that I was very happy and would love to gice positive feedback but he refused, explained he had purchaseda gigantic lot of all kinds of tubes from a french army depot that closed down but didn't know about them (his actual area is militaria) and had no means of testing them, hence the 'sold as is' condition. By the time I received the tubes the rest of the ts had sold out, could have kicked myself for not having purchased more of them.

So, touch wood, I hope this one pans out as well. Before anyone asks, he only had one pair of the Haltrons. Will post pics when they arrive.
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I remember that 5998 "sale" from him on ebay. they were cheap but I didn't took the risk as I have plenty. Didn't see the Haltrons though, ebay link?

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Nope, direct sale, I sent him a mail last time with a list of brands and types of 6as7, 6088, 6sj7....asked him to contact me if he was selling more as he offers them as he cleans his inventory and he came through on the haltrons and on a pair of thompson. Purchased those too but at 7 eur per tube, no idea how they will sound. But the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we'll see when I get them.
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The Thomson 6080WA are so very nice sounding. You'll love them




Those are the Thompsons with socket savers

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^ That looks great!


Just emailed Yuking, hoping to buy some adapters for my 339.

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