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Hello , thanks for the advice EF86 .


I think there was a lot of confusion regarding the synergy with the HD 800 X LF 339 ( first version: 6sj7 ). I have no ability to analyze as an audiophile , I 'm more for beginner. I think the confusion comes from the synergy of tubes with each other and with the HD800 : Telefunken EF80-800 and RCA RED with 6AS7 GT and 5998 are "VERY BAD" with HD 800 and also T1 TESLA ... I think and how they were given to be purchased early , gave this confusion . Regardless , these tubes are GREAT , but the problem would be synergistic . Using other tubes SYLVANIA 7236 (CETRON , TUNG SOL , 6080 BENDIX COLUMNS GRAPHITE , 6080 MULLARD , VALVO , BRIMAR, MINIWATT , etc. ( other brands) are GREAT FOR ME to tubes with the HD 800 and T1 . Almost all brands of tubes EF80 ( sylvania , Mullard , Amperex , Siemens , etc ... ) , 6SJ7 GT - SYLVANIA (glass ) CAN TAKE THE PLACE of the RED RCA and Telefunken EF80-800 and give a GREAT SYNERGY with T1-HD800 .


=> And you can find GOOD SYNERGIES with RED RCA and TFK EF 80-800 with OTHER TUBES MENTIONED (7236-6080 BENDIX-MULLARD).


HD800 and T1 may represent VERY WELL THE BEAUTY of the sound of the LF339 exceptionais within them qualities .


I think those who can not make a "bad review" , do not you love the object of his criticism. I am convinced that the T1 and HD800 headphone are exceptional and they are far beyond the LF339, I love and that I will not sell, I will keep forever. I bought a Decware CSP2 +, I get to know . I also love that their sound is very different from the LF339 . I think in audiophile terms , the CSP2 + SUPEPERIOR the LF339 , LF339 but stay with me because AUDIOPHILE QUALITY and BEAUTY of sound ( classical and jazz music ... I imagine for any and every type of music) FOR ME JUST PLEASURE .


I use DAC: STAGEDAC Store MEIER CORDA and a great "little" DAC - NuForce ICON USB, using it as a preamplifier with LF 339 (DAC very good for the price)


It would be interesting that the owners of HD 800 and T1 gave their positive or negative opinions indicating the DAC and the set of tubes used to confirm or deny my opinion, because most member, like me, were at the beginning totally disillusioned with the information given here and their headphone worth a fortune and which are actually great in audiophile quality.


How does an amplifier whose sound is so beautiful and recognized as among the best headphones could not be in synergy with the multitude of possible combinations of tubes and now that also has family also beyond EF80 EF86-860 (used for amplifiers guitares ?). How??


I have the AKG 702 with the 339 LF is a big winner. Attention always with tubes in synergy, the same as for the T1 and HD 800 and then you wonder why I bought so dearly others. May be that is spoken when using the HD 600-650 I never heard? The LF 339 with good tubes (they are many) are merging ANY QUALITY 702 with ALL BEAUTY - HOT - POTENCE the LF339 - DYNAMICS. AKG 702 only wins, is a big winner. I say this to those who do not have the money to buy the "king of kings" is not ashamed of the 702 which is great and much easier to pipe. However, without demagoguery, passing to the T1 and HD800, the difference is immediate, but ALSO PRICE DIFFERENCE.



Any comments would be welcome, thanks.

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ATTENTION, computer translator did not make clear my position on 6SJ7 GT SYLVANIA (glass): the tube that I bought new is absolutely silent since the beginning and is very good with all headphone included HD800-T1.

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For those who have the AKG 702 and can not spend much money on expensive tubes (7236 cetron, sylvania, tung sol - 6080 mullard), I advise synergy RCA 6AS7 G (expect cheap on Ebay) and EF80 SYLVANIA by mixing the two quality tubes: sylvania to the - SOFTNESS - of the sound, by 6as7g WARM sound and strength (EF80 Mullard, Amperex, etc ... all goods).

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Would be good too that people who had problems with the resistor LF339 start talking. I had a burnt with input filter, I'm providing a XICON CERAMIC 10 ohms 100 watts.


For me, all being said, thanks for reading, I hope reactivity.

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ATTENTION => 10 WATTS & 100 OHMS... translator... hum!.

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Is it OK to use a 6N5PJ in one channel of the amp, and then a 6N5P in the other?


These are the only tubes I have; just wondering if it'd be OK to use the amp with these two apparently different tubes.

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Frederico, thanks for your imput! Even though it's a little hard to decrypt your post, I found very interesting you pointed out that T1 and HD800 are good match with those tubes. I would love to try it one day ;p

By the way, if you don't have a HD600 or HD650 you may a friend or two who can lend them to you and you can see why people around here love the combination so much! HD650 is sounding OK with most gear. And I mean OK because it sounds great already!

But when you use 339 with good tubes (as of now I love to use Bendix 6080wb with Marconi L63 coke bottle smoked glass), the HD650 is a terrific headphone, and is affordable!


And I too had problem with a burnt resistor but I changed them, it was a very easy fix.

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Google translator.

Unfortunately , I 'm alone ... It would be good if anyone had a good or a bad experience with the HD 800 or T1 such that information . I'm now with RCA 6AS7 G + EF80 SYLVANIA ... is very good and the tubes are not expensive .


Actually , I also had two (X 02 ) resistors burned right channel , put on the input filter . I imagine there were quality problem these components .


=> Now I put resistors that do not exactly match the original and did not notice anything about a change in the sound.


=> 6080 BENDIX COLUMN OF GRAPHITE SLOTTED tubes are possibly the best for me ( rare tubes) , all 7236 are also very good beyond 5998. All expensive ... So I say to those who do not have money : 6AS7 RCA + EF80 sylvania, mullard, Amperex , etc. ... are also very good .


Never heard GEC 6AS7G and frankly I do not have the courage to buy a pair ! ! at the same price of a Bottlehead Crack with speedball. I prefer to buy an amplifier .

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I'm planning to get the 339 for my HE500 and I wanted to know where is the best place to buy it ? directly from yuking09.com ?

And can someone recommend me a DAC that "pair well" with the 339 & HE500 (budget +-300-500) :smile:


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Has anyone done any experimenting with these 6SJ7 adapters:


EF86 to 6SJ7 (I'm guessing this is similar to the one yuking has/sells):




6SN7 to 6SJ7:




EF50 to 6SJ7:





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I have a balanced DAC/AMP, the NFB 10. I have also recabled all my headphones balanced for that reason.


My challenge for you experts is to, replace the TRS female plug on the 339 into a balanced 4 pin XLR. The benefits I could imagine would be possibly less crosstalk if the two grounds are separated in the amp's circuitry design. Otherwise, at least I don't need the extra adapter :D


I've opened the amp and tried but I don't think there's enough space. Can someone out there prove me wrong?




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The actual plug is 3 pin, correct?

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Originally Posted by kanshouhin View Post

I have Telefuken EF806, Philips E80F, Telefuken EF86, Valvo EF86, Mullard EF86 and GEC EF86. The EF86 have the best Transient response, High frequency extension and Resolution on the 339, but the acoustic coloring of tubes isn't apparently, near the Transistor.It play Classical is more better then Vocal.
If you want to use 339 drive HD800, You can try to use Valvo EF86, the tube have more Low frequency can fill in HD800 and HD600.
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80

I'm currently using RCA 5693 reds and the Hifiman HE-500, you were saying that the EF86 is good for HD800? Will it improve the 5693 reds in my case?

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i need help I'm having issues with my right channel it seems that the actual piece inside the knob is loose and I can pull it out of the unit, when I put it back in I have to play with it to get the right channel to work I don't know what could help keep it in place and keep it from cutting out so I can have a functional unit, without having to worry about turning the right knob and the right channel losing sound. 

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