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Sold: Stax SR-007 MK1 (with cable issue)

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Selling my O2 Mk1.


They are near mint (perfect headstrap, good pads), with one big caveat: the cable.


I discovered on Saturday evening last that I've accidentally pulled on the cable one too many times (it's easy to stand on it while trying to put the headphones on... resulting in a severe test on the O2's strain relief, which is inherently weak).


As a result there is a problem:


When I pull on the strain relief at the bottom of the left ear cup, the signal cuts out in that ear.


I tested it again this morning. The O2 works perfectly when not pulling on the cable and it takes a significant tug for the signal problem to occur. Twisting and turning my head has no effect. Pulling lightly, even slightly heavily on the cable has no effect. The cut to the signal occurs nevertheless when the cable is pulled heavily.


I have a feeling this will be no problem unless the user accidentally stands on the cord when attempting to put the phones on, and I have no idea when or if it might become a permanent cut in the signal.


Hence, and sadly, they're no longer a minty pair.



Offers welcome.











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Audiogon Blue Book would be a place to start.  PM me if you have a rough idea on what would you like to charge for it.  Also, I'd need a few hi-res picture.  Can provide email account for that.

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Duckman, let me know when you get the LCDs which one you'd like to keep and I will be interested in either one that you choose not to keep.


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Just wanted to add that Audiogon does not appear to have a blue book value on the Stax Omegas (Mk I or II). Strange, as I know I've seen quite a few pairs sell through there.

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1800 seems to be about average for a pair in GREAT condition.  If the pads are done, cable shot, smoking house... price starts to drop.

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$1800 U.S. sounds high.  I think $1450 is about average for excellent condition.

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1450 seems about right for 06 when you could get them from Japan for ~$1600+ship+duty+tax now that its $2150... last three I watched went for 1800.  Now the other one asking 1800 needs to stop drinking the kool-aid cause that one looks like a dog got at it ;)

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With any sale, the price you get is not always what you were hoping for.


Last September i sold my mk1 pair with a new set of pads and the original pads, flight case etc for a mere $1300 including delivery to the USA


Perhaps the market has picked up since then...

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Some pics added.


It may be about three weeks before I get to hear the LCD-2 through a good enough amp.

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...You asked for our opinions...


Duckman's headband looks near-mint and the pads are in alright condition. (good for another year or two methinks, so maybe at 40-50% condition)

A replacement headband is worth 70 pounds=110 USD so I would say Duckman's pair is worth $110 more than a regular pair at 1450.

Then factor in the fact that the pads aren't brand new, (I often see an extra set of pads being given for free at the price of $1450)

but then again there's also the fact that to buy a new headband/arc assembly (the earpads are discontinued) from Stax can involve a lengthy wait time.

The earpads are, however, readily available on ebay for the time being...

Finally, it isn't against the head-fi rules for Duckman to simply asked what he paid for the headphones especially if he would be losing money by calculating price using the above method.



I would price them at 1450-1500 if they were my pair because of how nice the headband looks. Very little creasing or other signs of wear. Probably 1475.

I paid 1450 for my pair which is in excellent condition so that's the price I chose. (although I withdrew them from sale)

Not sure what's up with the recent prices like 1800 and such... they would have to be owned by the first owner who could count how many times he's used them.


Since the market has just recently been flooded by Omega 2 mk1's right now, I really can't see the price moving up and staying at 1800.

But fluctuations do occur- take the L3000 for example, they were at 3.5-4k for a little while, and now they're going for 2.8-3.2k.

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To my mind the cable issue is quickly becoming a non-issue, since experimenting with it over the last few nights, I haven't experienced any cut in the signal at all.


Pick up a bargain!

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How much is the cable repair if they finally break completely? and who does it?

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