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Best iem for jazz and classical

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Hello guys,

I read all about iem but i can't find answer.

I have an imod with ibasso D4.

And i am trying to find best iem for jazz and classical.

Seperation and soundstage is also too important for me and i will listen it at hospital or outside. So isolation is important too.

Let's say no limit about money.

What do you recommend for me?

All my bests

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My two favorites for those genres have different strengths but I love them both. First pick is the UM3X. Great separation! The second is Sennheiser IE8. Great Soundstage! I love symphonies on the IE8. If I had to pick one (and sadly did), it was the UM3X. Fantastic for jazz and classical!

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Universal IEMs= SM3, E-Q7, UM3x, IE8, FX700, Radius DDM and DBA-02......

Custom IEMs= JH13Pro, UE18Pro, JH16Pro.....

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I personally strongly disliked the IE8 for classical as their midrange is rather thin, lacks body and is slightly grainy. Also, their bass is awfully bloated which  will render cellos in the most undefined way possible. IMHO they can be good with other genres, but not classical.


The UM3x is much better to my ears, but they have a very narrow soundstage and lack dynamics.


If budget is no limit, I'd pick without any hesitation the Earsonics SM3, since they do everything at least very well without any major flaw. Also, they have one thing that's not frequently found with IEMs : great timber accuracy, and a very good sense of decay / reverb, two aspects that I personally find critical for classical music. They have superb dynamics, a flat frequency response if not slightly on the warm side depending on tips, and a realistic soundstage. Their midrange is by a long shot the best I've ever heard as far as IEMs go (better than the SE530 to me). I can't think of aything better for classical.


I haven't heard the FX700 or EQ-7 (supposedly good with classical as well, though I'd guess the Earsonics would still have the edge here).

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Thanks guys


Custom IEMs= JH13Pro, UE18Pro, JH16Pro..... 


i thought about them but i can't decide.

Which one?


I am distant about ie 8



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The JH13's (and probably the JH16's as well) are just awesome for classical. They have very decent soundstage for a pair of in-ear monitors and are mostly neutral with a slight bump in bass.

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JH13 Pro!!simply great

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Thank you, i think jh 13 is great for me.

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..JH13pro...i hope one day i could afford this one...

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is jh 13 best for jazz and classical when it compared with jh 16?

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