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Shure SE535 launch event and sonic impression

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I was invited by Shure Japan to join in the Shure new lineup launch event at Tokyo. Although they were already released in US but not in Japan yet.
This is an event for media so SE535 has not actually released for public. I will update if I get the date and the price.

(click picture to enlarge)


IMG_1482-thumbnail2.jpg      IMG_1478-thumbnail2.jpg

The highlight of the event is announcement of the new lineup, SE535, SE425 and SE115m. The 115m is a mobile phone model with embedded mic and remote control. SE535 is a successor of current flagship SE530 (needless to say for headfiers).  

Shure represents has told that they are going to unite the professional and the consumer brands. These new lineup is the first attempt for that strategy.
To reflect the strategy, the outlook design would be sic for professional use though package box contains plenty of information for consumer. I think the sounding change of the new lineup is also reflect this strategy. Yes they are sonically different to SE530 and the drivers has been changed as well. 


IMG_2450-thumbnail2.jpg      IMG_1503-thumbnail2.jpg


They provided me a sample SE535 and I directory compared it with a demo SE530. I used my iPhone4.
I was surprised the rolled-off highs in the shure is now gone, here is a good sparkle in the highs. Highs are now well extended and more sharp. The bass of SE535 is plenty and deep but not overwhelming like SE530.
Overall SE535 has very nice tonal balance over the entire frequency yet SE535 is still on a bit warm side which is good Shure sound signature.
In addition, I found there is a refinement in the sound compared to SE530. They stated cross-over design is their own in-house design and the circuit has improved. 


IMG_1507-thumbnail2.jpg     IMG_1510-thumbnail2.jpg

(left pic: above SE535 below SE530)  (right pic: left SE535 right SE530) 


Another nice feature of SE535 is a detachable cable with swivel plug. The new swivel plug enables to fit easier than before for around the ear wearing. The new cable looks like thicker and made from kevlar that is more durable.
The new cable also employs unique none-memory-wire sleeve to fit around the ears. This is very nice and flawless for the fitting. so SE535 is a fairly comfortable IEM.
I confirmed this new plug is not proprietary but a generic one(MMCX). so there could be an after market cables expected.

I wonder why they named it as SE535 that remind us a minor change to SE530. I think SE535 is a big change other than the look. The sound signature is changed and the cable is improved as well.
SE535 must be designed under the new market strategy, that is the sounding must be shared between both of pro-audio and consumer. so the sound is now more flat and wider frequency response.
Anyway I think the SE535 sounded good and easy to use. A very nice IEM. 

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Thanks for the info Sasaki :)


So SE535 and SE530 are indeed different. That's a good thing. If I read correctly some did ask Shure about the differences between SE530 and SE535 and Shure replied other than the build and cable, not much changes in the drivers or crossover. The minor changes in drivers or crossover do affect sound much then.

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Nice write-up. Thanks.

Yes, good to know that Shure improved on more than mere cosmetics.



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What did you think of the 425? I recall the 420 was a bit of a let down. I always liked the 530. When I heard the 535, I didn't have a 530 to compare but I thought the highs more extended but at the same time, slightly less peaky. A good thing though I may have just imagined it.

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Sweet.  I did enjoy the 530s but like a lot of people I too thought the highs were absent and the bass hot in the way of the mids.  These "sound" like the perfect response to that.

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Great write up (and I'm not just saying that because I had the exact same impressions about 3 weeks ago ).

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Hi Thanks for the comments.

Now I have it for several days and I believe SE535 is a great universal IEM.
I have only focused on custom IEMs in these days but I now have another look at universal IEM. SE535 is that good for both fit and sounding.


> What did you think of the 425?

Sorry but I did not have a time to try 425.




Ah I forget to upload this pic.
Enjoy :)

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The girls are using SE535?


And Sasaki you bought the SE535 after trying them out?

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Thanks for the impressions and the pictures. Shure seems to have done a lot of research over the SE535, and it looks like it is headed towards being a successful product.

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> The girls are using SE535?
Yes sure.
Mine is a complimentary sample.
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