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Sansa Clip+ vs. Fuze vs. ??

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I've had my 4GB Fuze for almost a year now, and love it to death. I've dropped it many times, but I guess this was one drop too many, and now the headphone socket is messed up. It distorts the sound when headphones/speakers are plugged in, so I have to pull them out halfway so it sounds decent, but then the jack easily gets pushed back into the socket, or gets pulled out, which means music from one ear only, a distorted audio, or no music at all.


I was going to buy another Fuze the other day, but decided to hold off and maybe get a second opinion. I had a hard time choosing between the Clip+ and the Fuze the first time around, but ended up going for the better battery life. Is there any real difference between the two anyway, SQ wise?



So my options are either those, or maybe go for something different this time around. 

  • SQ has to be decent, battery life equal to or better than the Fuze (10 hours I think?)
  • Compact
  • Supports playlists
  • I don't care much for screen or user interface as I usually listen when I'm riding so I just hit play, stick it in my pocket and go
  • I'd prefer to keep it under $100, but could probably spend a little more

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Cowon i9 is the way to go!

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I've been doing the same looking for at least a month, trying to find almost exactly what you are looking for.  One thing you don't have that was essential for me in order to accomodate a large music library and keep the cost low, is a mSDHC slot for expansion.  Putting all those needs together lead me right back to the ...


8GB Fuze!  I combine mine with an 8GB chip, and an E5 amp to give my RE0 the extra bit of drive it needs.  And the EQ, used sparingly, gives me just the sound I need for the different phones I have.  Ordered mine yesterday.

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Cowon i9 <<<< Fuze and Clip+ rockboxed

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