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How to Create a D2000 Woody on a Budget [56K Warning]

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Eyecandy courtesy of Polarwarrior



DDVX also has another version of the mod located below.


First off, I’d like to give credit to the original creator of this mod, Polarwarrior, and the original thread starter, Ultra-Harmonics. The original thread is located here.


I’ll be providing a similar guide to the one presented by Ultra-Harmonics (done with his consent of course). It’s not a radical change from the original thread but I feel this layout will be better for people wanting to do this mod without having to dig through the thread. I encourage you to look at his thread before attempting the mod.


Why do this mod?

First of all it’s relatively inexpensive so what have you go to lose. This mod cost me a grand total of $50 and in my opinion the improvements in looks and sound were well worth it. If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford Lawton’s gorgeous wood cups but still want some extra class and a little taste of what they provide this is a great way to go.


What about my warranty?

This mod is completely reversible. The parts of the D2000 are not changed in any way and all the modding is accomplished by altering the cups. This should allow those who are worried that this mod may void their warranty to proceed with minimal risk (unless you manage to severely bugger something up).


As an added bonus it gives those who were curious about the famous MarkL mod a chance to taste it for themselves by damping the cups all while having the option to switch back to the stock cups if you decide the sound doesn't suit you.


Third, aesthetics. These are simply stunning. Much more beautiful in the flesh than what you can see in the pictures I took.


What you need:

Denon D2000

Denon D7000 wood cups (or possibly D5000 cups though I haven't confirmed it so proceed at your own risk)

Small screwdriver


5/8” drill bit

(Optional) Dynamat

Time around 30 minutes or so (It took me around 45 minutes of figuring it out and tinkering without a guide)


Total cost:$282.50 (including Dynamat)


Where Do I Find the Cups?

This is the main problem with this mod. D7000 cups are a little scarce. However, they can be found. The FS forums are a good place to start. I purchased my cups from Lawton Audio which is another potential source for these cups. He can also perform the MarkL mod on the cups if you so desire for additional cost. Mark has asked me to make sure his policy on these cups known.


"...We will not sell to anyone with the intent to mis-label a D2000 as a D7000, we will not help enable that.  Also our supplies are very limited, I may have one pair left now.  I get inquiries a lot and I can't answer them all when we are out of stock, so please don't be offended if we can't answer every single inquiry.  Thanks."




I completely agree with Mark on the points of trying to pass off a D2000 as a D7000. It's unethical and if attempted can get you banned or worse. Don't do it. If you do plan on selling it at some point please make it clear in your FS post that they are not D7000s and what modifications you performed. Also worth noting is that though I haven't tried it I'm fairly certain that D5000 cups should also work for this mod.


How to mod:

1. First you’ll want to remove the pads on the cans. To do this push down on the pads and rotate counter-clockwise until they come off.


2. After removing the pads you will see four screws that secure the frame to the driver. Remove these.


3. The cup and driver should now be able to come free of the frame without much resistance. Make sure you don’t jerk the cup and driver assembly as the cable is still attached.


4. You should now be able to see four screws that secure the driver to the cup. Remove them and gently lift the driver off of the cup.


5. Take the D7000 cups and inspect them. You should see four screw holes and a notch just above the bottom of the cup (illustrated in the accompanying picture).  Drill to a depth that is roughly 2 centimeters up from the notch (just a little bit down from the top of the yellow oval) so the posts on the D2000 will fit these cups. (Sorry about the poor picture quality on this one; my camera didn't want to focus)




NOTE: If you drill too deep on this step (like I did) there are a couple ways of fixing your error. One is to purchase longer screws and the other is to fill the holes you drilled with wood putty and use the stock screws.


6. Taking your drill and 5/8” bit, center it on the screw holes and drill straight down. If you are worried about depth stop periodically to check. The finished product should look like this.




7. Fitting the cups on the driver housing. This step is possibly the most difficult of the entire process. When I did this the fit was very snug and required some maneuvering to accomplish. I recommend pinpointing the hole that is the closest to the outer rim of the cup and beginning fitting with the hole across from it. NOTE: Make sure to wipe off any loose wood particles before fitting.


8. Follow these instructions in reverse using the stock (or longer) screws for the driver housing and cup attachment.


9. Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy!




Initial Impressions:

As you can see from the pictures I opted for the D7000 cups with MarkL mod so I can't say what the effects of each are on the sound. Anyway my impressions.


The bass is tighter. Mids are a bit more present. When switching back to stock cups the D2000 sounds somewhat hollow.

All in all, the sound seems more natural. The highs are smoother and not as sharp (still pretty crisp, a little sparkle on top I guess). Seems to have better separation and details are more noticeable. I may be imagining this but I also notice somewhat of an increase in soundstage size. Again, I'm not sure if it's mainly the result of the cups or the half MarkL mod performed on them but either way they sound incredible. The character of the D2000 isn't lost so much as refined in all aspects which was quite a shock at first. These are definitely keepers.


Honestly the changes are simply outstanding from my view.



If you have any questions about this mod feel free to pm me. Also if you feel there need to be more pictures explaining accompanying the first few steps let me know and I'll add them.

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NapalmK and I did our mods on the same night, but went about it in two different ways. I will pick up where our methods change. I'd like to thank ULTRA-HARMONICS for showing me and many others this method in this thread. To my knowledge, he figured out this way. Napalm and I are just messengers making it a bit more clear for those more hesitant to do the mod without knowing exactly what is involved.


Quick disclaimer: The method I used DOES void your warranty (I would presume). Instead of cutting the wood cups of the D7000, I cut the posts off the D2000 driver. Why would I do it then? Two reasons: Easier to manage than cutting into the cup and no need for different sized screws.


However, the D2000 cups fit back onto your driver after my version of the mod as well. As in, this can also be reversed! There will not be as much support for the D2000 cups but it will still hold up just fine. As I say later on, the support for the D7000 cups is not an issue, as it has extra wood around the screws directly on the cup instead of the driver. The D7000 cups will be very sturdy.


What you need for this version of the mod:

Micro Screw Driver

Dremel/Jeweler's Saw


D7000 wood cups


That's it! You can reuse the same screws in the D2000s and it will fit fine.


I'll pick up with unscrewing the shell and driver from the cup:




Make sure you keep track of all of your screws as they will be reused.


Now, instead of cutting into your cups, use your dremel or Jeweler's saw to cut off the posts. I realize most don't have a Jeweler's saw as I used, but a dremel will be just as easy. Just make sure to be careful not to cut the cable, but it is easily avoidable.




You can throw these posts away after you are done with them. They can't be used for anything else. After all four posts are off, line up the D7000 cups with the driver. Make sure that DENON is facing upright whenever you line it up. It should fit perfectly, no problems.




Screw it all back together and you are halfway done! The same screws that you used for the D2000s can be reused for the D7000s here. Since you didn't cut off the inside bulges in the cups, there is plenty of support for the cups. Finish the other side and you are done! Enjoy the sound and aesthetics!




Ignore the plastic around the adjusters on the band. I'm just weird and haven't taken them off yet. Keeping it nice and sparkly I guess heh. They did come in use though, on the D7000 headphones, the left/right markings are on the band, not the cups like the D2000s. Make sure you find some way to keep straight which side of the headphone is left and which is right. For the moment I have a big L written on the left ear side plastic part.


Impressions: Keep in mind that my D7000 cups were also dampened with dynamat by Markl, so you might have slightly different results than me. I honestly didn't expect much difference when I put on the wood cups. I have been pleasantly surprised with the changes I've heard. To be honest, there has not been much change for me in treble, mids or soundstage, but the bass is much more  textured and clear. Possibly punchier? The difference might be not having the cotton in as the D2000s had in. Anyway, the first song that really took me by surprise was "Are You In?" By Incubus. Once the bass guitar enters the song I had to do a double take when I heard the bass guitar more as an instrument than as just a feeling or frequency. I don't want to blow the changes out of proportion, and I still have more listening to do, but I felt like I should mention that there are more differences than just looks for these cups.






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Great tutorials Napalm and DDVX!

I also did not expect much improvement in SQ after the mod but I was wrong.


Beautiful cans!

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Added initial impressions, pictures, and a potential source for the D7000 cups. The improvement is really outstanding.

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I dunno if this has been posted before but I also did this mod: http://s301.photobucket.com/albums/nn72/zmors/d2000%20%20d5000%20headband%20mod/



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NapalmK, can you double check what size drill bit you used?  5/8 of an inch is way too big.

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I understand this is an extremely old thread, but instead of creating a new one about the woodies I want to ask if there is any change in sound quality if my wood cups are a little farther away than the ones shown in this page.  What I mean is that the gap between the cup and silver frame is about 3 millimeters on mine while NapalmK's seems 1.5mm and DDVX seems 0.5mm.  So far when compared to stock d2000 cups the main difference is being able to hear outside noise much easier when the headphone is on without music playing and the bass is extremely strong now.  Overall the sound seems good, but I'm just wondering if I drilling some deeper holes so the cups will have a smaller gap will give me better sound.  Any help is appreciated.

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In case anyone is interested, the wood cups must be flush with the driver's frame.  If there is too much of a gap you would have overpowering bass that isn't listenable.  I originally thought that these wood cups really brought out the bass till i decide to reseat the cups by shaving off a little of the post on the D2000 and now the headphones sound normal.  Overall the sound shouldn't be too different from stock D2000 using the D7000 cups, but you will notice improvements in the bass region and overall smoothness.

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Very useful guide!


I want to do this - but have trouble finding them anywhere (including Lawton) -> I don't want to be spending $200 or so on cups.

I rather have the stock D7K ones.


Out of interest, what drilling or modding is needed (without damaging the headphones that said - ie. no snapping of the plastic bits)?

I saw from the pictures, that I would have to drill a little in the cups?


Where would I really stop - I wasn't too sure about the "yellow circle" so to speak.


Need to get my hands on these woodies...:(

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Only two sources: fs forums here, or Lawton audio, stock tips. Both are out of stock so to speak :/
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... (Click to show)


Bought some cups...would love some additional advice on the drilling part...

Anyway of doing it without cutting or drilling?


Simply changing the screws?




No one helped ;)

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Right, now I need to get a drill, and a drill bit that matches the driver...

Landlord gave me a huge drill, which made it inconvenient + a drill bit that was too small :/


When  will I get these D2K woodies arghh!


Did it with a 7mm drill piece.

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Just got my D2000's modded with some absolutely gorgeous wood cups. Thanks for your guide as it was quite useful although I chose the drilling the wood cups route. 

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