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Buying new headphones, and thus my first amp/dac...

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Hello, since I'm new here I figure it's best to introduce myself. My name is John and I live in Oregon.


My current set up consists of nothing but Sennheiser HD-280 Pro's which I have been happily using for the last six years. I have finally decided it to be worth my while to buy a headphone amp/DAC combo, and thus decided that now would be a good time to also get the headphones I've been wanting for many years: the 650's. I love the sound of the 280 phones, I find them to be rather balanced and slightly warm, and that's what I like. Now I'd just like a bit more detail. I prefer to buy headphones new rather than used, so the 650 should cost me $350 USD from Headroom. I figure good headphones as these will be the closest I can get to the Paradigm S6 for now.


So now I'm left with $350 for an amp/DAC and this is where I ask the question that you may all hate by now: which amp/DAC combo is best for that price or under? I was thinking of the Fubar III, but I have read both great reviews and poor reviews, so I'm not sure which to believe. Is the Fubar IV worth a shot if the III isn't? Read about another recommendation for the Matrix Mini-i, but don't know a lot about it. Hlly DMK-IV also seems nice, but what do I know? Not much. I was originally going to get the Total BitHead, but I don't want to run through batteries. Whichever amp/DAC combo I get, it will need to have a USB hook-up, as I listen pretty often on my laptop, and the built in card is abysmal with its electronic noise.


Thanks for any help and if you need any more information from me, I'll be glad to give it.

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If it were me I'd go with a Little Dot MK3, and a Nuforce uDAC, perhaps upgrade the uDAC to a Nuforce HDP or Pico DAC down the road when you have more $$$...

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Thanks for the suggestion. I read reviews on the MKIII and I think that's going to be the amp to buy. Seems great, hope it sounds as good as it reads. Would a LD DAC-1 be a wise choice for a DAC if I up my budget a bit?

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Sure, it matches the Mk3 but the enclosure is bigger. If you just need USB I would opt for a Pico DAC instead - they happen to be on sale now BTW. I thought the Pico+mk3+HD650 combo sounded fantastic....
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