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Twenty one headphones and nine amps later I still have no idea if I'm done. I've said I was done so many times I've lost count. Not to mention sources and cables. Hell, I've probably spent enough in just shipping charges to buy an RS1. LoL

When I'm done selling off what I don't need I'll have an open 'phone, a closed 'phone and an IEM. But I've been eyeing another open headphone so I can have two complete rigs... The madness really never ends. Ugh lol

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Originally Posted by Bilavideo View Post

Be grateful that there's yet one more thing in life that calls out to you.  Life is short, and full of knocks and degradations.  I have no taste for jewelry or wine.  Caviar doesn't call out to me.  I own no boats or planes or fancy cars.  My clothing is nothing worthy of a second look.


But my PS1000 and the HD800 take me to places I've never been.  I've got a ticket to ride.  You've got yours.  Let's hear it for being happy about something.



I hear ya my brother, I hear ya!

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Originally Posted by magicalpig View Post

$3 to $15 wine tastes the same to me. Not flavorful, too acid, overbearing presence of alcohol, one stage taste. Real good one - usually expensive - has the right combination of flavors so you can taste wood, earth, fruit, spices and has this delightful taste and aftertastes thing going on.


Same thing with microphones. Sub $500 mics sound like @ss to me.


I think it really depends what you're used to. I grew up drinking good wine and I've had the experience of recording on great microphones. Once you get used to that, there's no turning back.

You bring up a good point.  In the case of wine, it all depends on how sensitive your taste buds are.  Some people really can't tell the difference between one bottle Shiraz and the next regardless of price.  The same holds true with Audiophile equipment.  If your ears cannot tell the difference between a $50 set of headphones and a $1000, then why waste the money?  I unfortunately have been cursed with a pretty good set of ears.  Time spent in recording studios has taught me what to listen for (another curse).  I am glad however, that I out grew the whole "More expensive is better" mentality.

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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post

If you really can't stomach sub-$500 headphones, it is likely you are either unhealthily obsessed or a cake-eater. The music is all that matters, and for the most part many $50-100 headphones will do fine. Hell, ~$20-30 portapros will do.


I say it all depends on your ears.  Yes it is about the music, but if what you are using to  listen to the music with makes it a bad experience then what?  The iPhone ear-buds for example are extremely fatiguing to my ears.  That is not the musics fault.  You cannot discount the fact that this is the experience for some people.  So in that case it is not just the music that matters.


I am a firm believer in blind tests.  In other words if someone recommends a $50 - $100 set of headphones, I would give them a listen and if they sound better than what I have now, of course I would sell my more expensive headphones in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately in my case that has not happened.  On the other hand, if your ears cannot hear the difference between a $50 - $100, and a $500+ pair, then you would be a fool to purchase the more expensive ones.

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Originally Posted by davidsnot View Post

Amazing how an addiction grows. 


I used to be OK with the little white headphones that came with the iPods.  Stick them in my ears and away I went.


A buddy (You da man) turned me on to some Phiaton PS-500's, which started my downward slide. 


I have now evolved into using a dedicated PC for winamp, with the RubyTube plug-in.


Gave away my little white headphones.  Can't stand them anymore.


Now I'm burning for an amp, and a nice DAC to go with my iPod.  Please tell me there's hope for me yet...


And thanks for the good info on products!  Real nice forum here.




There is no hope for you.

Welcome to Head-fi and sorry about your wallet.

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