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Y'all killin' me...

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Amazing how an addiction grows. 


I used to be OK with the little white headphones that came with the iPods.  Stick them in my ears and away I went.


A buddy (You da man) turned me on to some Phiaton PS-500's, which started my downward slide. 


I have now evolved into using a dedicated PC for winamp, with the RubyTube plug-in.


Gave away my little white headphones.  Can't stand them anymore.


Now I'm burning for an amp, and a nice DAC to go with my iPod.  Please tell me there's hope for me yet...


And thanks for the good info on products!  Real nice forum here.




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I don't really get why this is so addicting. I read threads in this forum and think "I need to buy myself new phones or a new amp" but then I listen to my setup and I'm perfectly satisfied with what I have. I recently spent $250 on an used amp which probably only gives me a 5-10% increase in SQ, yet I can't bring myself to get rid of it. Go figure .


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Welcome to Head-Fi and so very sorry about your wallet.


Nope, you're doomed.


Seems a lot like how I started. "$100 on headphones is a lot that's all I'll ever need" 6 months later "Maybe I could swing buying some RS1s or a new amp or a dac oh maybe a nicer cable...". Leave if you still can I'm beyond hope. 

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So true. I started with just a set of MS1s. By the time I graduated high school I had over $1500 in headphone gear. Go figure.
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No, theres no hope, death is the only way out I hear.

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That was quite a few Os there.
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Once you listen for the details, you're totally screwed. When I get a new piece of equipment (which until lately, was not often, I've needed some self-indulgence lately) I listen for anything new in the details. There's no going back to crappy sound. 

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The important thing is that I told the truth.  THERE IS NO ESCAPE. 

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I thought I would just get a pair of KSC75s and MS-1s and be done. 3000 dollars worth of headphone gear later..

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Originally Posted by kboe View Post
No, theres no hope, death is the only way out I hear.

The question is: should they bury me with headphones on, or build speakers into the casket?

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Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

The question is: should they bury me with headphones on, or build speakers into the casket?

Headphones...room acoustics treatment in there would be a nightmare!

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It never ends....soon those $10 little white apple earbuds will turn into $1100 JH13's - dooooomed!

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If you have a preference for "fun" sound, like me, rather than "right" sound, then you still have hope. Your wallet will not hurt as much.


But seriously, you haven't even considered CABLES?!

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I'm at the end of my journey...I hope.....I think... *looks around*


2 1/2 years ago I was just wondering about Audio Technica AD500's....

Don't waste $$$ on cables. Honest, bro. A lot has changed in 2 1/2 years, 'audio intelligence' and life wise, mostly all for the positive though :)

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Im in the repression stages of my audiophilia.  I had almost every single expensive big name headphone and amp you can name and not a single one really made me happy.  I kept buying and collecting, they would sit on the shelves and collect dust.  


I recently sold off my entire stock and went back to fun and engaging headphones.  I actually have nothing but my AD700s, my JVChas700, and stock earbuds.  I just ordered some fischer audio eterna rev2.  


I grew sick of neutral, thats not what audiophile sound should be.  I am very against this label now.  All the major sets that are 1,000+ are like that.  Boring, dull, lifeless, but clear and huge sounding to a level bordering supernatural lol.  But i now prefer the cheaper stuff cuz they are more fun and user friendly.


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