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Audio Technica ATH-ESW9a or Audio Technica ATH-ES10

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So, I have finally decided after many helpful suggestions and threads on this board to two head phones the ESW9A and the ES10. 


For ESW9A the price I found was 225. For ES10 the price I found was 370.


Is the ES10 higher price justified? I will be running unamped out of my iphone 3gs. I listen to mostly Electronic, Trance, Hip-hop, rock, rap, and little of everything else. With everything compared, should I go for the higher up model?


Thanks once again, making my choices so much easier and less headaches. 

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Bumping, hoping to receive suggestions quickly so if ESW9A are better , I can cancel my order of ES10.

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the es10 should suit your music better

esw9 is better only on jazz and classical because of their forward mids

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Thanks. Do you think the price hike is justified though? An increase of about 145 dollars.

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Nope. Just go with the 9s, they are awesome.

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I don't think you can go wrong with either.

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What sound do u like? ESW9as would be more pronounced in the mids. That sound character generally tires out my ears fast even though it sounds more intimate.


The ES10 are more V shaped and have more capacity for bass impact

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Thanks for the replies. 


wind016, I am not sure. I love music. My ears can pick up different things when I listen to different sets of headphones, but I can never quite pinpoint or describe what I hear is different, however, I can tell which one I like.


From reading all the threads on here, I thought ES10 and ESW9A had similar sound signatures but ES10 I am guessing has a heavier bass impact? This is what I am confused about. Or course, I would love to have headphones with the better bass, but is it worth the 145 dollars? Being a student, money is hard to come buy, but if it is worth it, I am willing to spend the extra cash.



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ES10 is more of an all round headphone than ESW9. The difference is well worth it.

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I had both of them, and I really regret selling them. ES10 is IMO just a bit better, with a bit more balanced sound and maybe a bit bigger soundstage. ESW9 has a definitely more intimate, "honey-like" sound. You can't go wrong with any of them.


One thing to note - ESW9's leather pads are _MUCH_ better than ES10's pleather ones.

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^ that's why I'd prefer the ESW9s, I love that intimate sound! But in the end, it's what you want :)

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Once again, thank you for all your input. Sigh, why does this have to be so hard to decide on? Any of fellow members want to go crazy when splurging on new equipment?


Thanks once again.

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es10 will suite your music genres best, but you can go for the esw9 if you want. both are great headphones with good bass impact!

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How about the build quality differences? I'd want a portable to be fairly sturdy if it's several hundreds of dollars. I've read several posts of people's ESW9's breaking. How about the ES10? It seems pretty sturdy.


If I remember correctly, the joints where the headband and the cups are connected might have been the biggest issue for ESW9s breaking. Can anyone confirm/deny?

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IMO both are built like tanks (ES10 slightly better). Seriously, I don't imagine how somebody can break any of those just by using them. I had ESW9s for ~year, carried them in my backpack only in their pouch and when I was selling them there was not a slightest damage done to them.

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