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Sorry about the triple post. I'm on an Island and this kind of stuff happens, I have no control over it.


Yes I will have to hunt down Vader's latest.


I have a couple late Behemoth releases. I play stuff like Demigod because I know that if a lot of people like it that it may have good aspects. I just am waiting for it to catch on with me. Metal for me has always been this way, I may not like something at first only because it's different.


I play Nile for the same reasons. I guess I liked them more in 05? The whole sound just does not sound real to me when I compare it to Morbid Angel or Vader. It just seems like a show. I have been playing Nile for years but never really get into it. I do give them credit for being some of the best performers of the craft of metal.

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Originally Posted by Joelby View Post

I'll recommend Amon Amarth because A) Their mastering is Fairly good and B) they are viking gods!!!

Originally Posted by Rooford View Post

Andy Sneap is well regarded as a metal mix engineer/producer:

I'd recommend anything he's had a hand in, a couple of people have already mentioned albums he's credited with mixing (Opeth, Megadeth), you can see a full list here:


I concur with both of the above post, plus the latest Amon Amarth album "Deceiver of the Gods" is produced by Andy Sneap.

Then considering the OP question, mentioning power/melodic metal, my favorite band is Wintersun. Both the s/t 2004 debut and "Time 1" are definately worth a listen... The next Time 2 album will be fabulous i'm sure.
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