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Ming DA MC 84C07 tube recommendations

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Long story short, I've been listening with the K701 (and sometimes the Grado SR225, ER-4P and M50s) and right now, I actually prefer the M-Stage over the Ming Da.


Should I just return or sell the Ming Da or should I try to tube-roll? I'm using JJ Tesla EL84's right now (freebie from Pacific Valve). All the other tubes are stock. Should I keep the Ming Da and experiement with tubes or maybe I'm just a solid-state kind of person?

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I haven't used either of those amps, so I can't tell you any palpable advice, but I can tell you that tubes make a huge difference.   I have a Woo 3 amp, and if it came from the maker with a Svetlana 6H13C power tube, I would be immediately disappointed with it and may consider returning it.  However, once I dropped in the right tubes, I can't imagine finding anything better at that price point.


It's all up to you, but if you have patience and the willingness to roll some tubes, you should be able to get the sound you desire.

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Thanks hodgiy. Was just reading about skylab's recommendations on an older (and really long) thread:




I might give it a shot, though I'm at a loss at where to find tubes...

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I've read threads that it is a fine amp, so I think it's worth a shot to find it the proper tubes for your ears.


Here's some good places to look for tubes:






I've bought from all three places and no complaints.

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A few more things to consider:


1) Amp makers supply their amps with the cheapest and most plentiful tubes they can find.  I think this is a shame because tube noob's might be disappointed because they aren't very versed in tube rolling.  Even Woo put el cheapo tubes in my amp.  Once I rolled in some nice tubes, the amp went to a whole new level.


2) The better your amp, the more obvious bad recordings become.  When I first made my jump to a class A amp, I was shocked at just how poor some of my recordings were.  At first, I thought the amp wasn't living up to its expectations.  Then, I realized it was just some bad recordings, because when I first played some good recordings, my jaw dropped.

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Thanks. I noted on the Pacific Valve site that Mullard EL84s and Sovtek 12AX7LPS'S are recommended. I also read about NOS tubes. Does NOS matter that much? They seem hard to find and a lot pricer...

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NOS is the way to go.  There aren't many new tube makers out there, and the ones that are, don't stack up to the NOS.

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Ok. Thanks...

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I see what you mean.  I"ve never shopped for EL84s before, and they do seem hard to find NOS.  As far as new tubes go, I've heard Electro Harmonix are the best.  Can't verify that, though.  The "reborn" Mullards might be good, too.  That's the fun of it, though, is to order different tubes and roll them in to see what you like the best.

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Thanks again! There seem to be a lot of feedback here and elsewhere that Mullards are the best for the Ming Da. I'll check out Electro Harmonix though.

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Well, not to make your life difficult, but two things.  There are the "current re-issue" Mullards, which are Russian-made, and are nothing special, IMO.  But real NOS Mullard EL84's and 12AX7's are going to cost you like $400-500, so that might not be the best way to go.


I suggest ordering a set of USA-made, NOS 12AX7's and 6BQ5's from someone like AES (www.tubesandmore.com) or RES (www.vacuumtubes.net) - but I suggest to call them, so you get the right thing.  Sylvania, GE, RCA - any of those would be nice, and won't break the bank.  If you don;t like the Ming-Da with as nice set of NOS tubes like that, then you just don't like it, which may end up being the case.  But don't waste your time and money on Elctro-Harmonix tubes - that won't help much.

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Trust what Skylab says.  He educated me on the tubes for my amp.  Your amp is out of my expertise, so I was trying to help using hearsay.


Good luck!!


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Yeah, Skylab seems to be the go-to person on headfi. Will just go with what he recommended (Mullards, Sylvanias, etc.)

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Thanks again for the help!

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No problem.  Please post your results if you end up tube rolling.  I looked long at hard at that amp before deciding on another.  I think it's a cool amp because it has a tube rectifier.  

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Thanks again for the help!

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