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Practical bag fashion

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I'm a guy that typically wears endless pockets. But in this weather where records are broken and desert walking seems like a cooler alternative. Even any cloth at all with the reasonable pockets has been to much and so I was left no space for with a wallet, Nexus One, keys, public transport pass and of course some MM80 headset from Sennheiser Communications in my puny shorts pocket.

So I'm standing there 5 minutes from work and I'm screwed and in walked the lady all sleepy goes to the closet takes this thing out and I don't know whether to scream "EWWWW womans not touching that.... bag do your husband look metro?" (not that I mind) or "Yes!, den er perfekt" which is danish for perfect and more along the lines I thought. This is just from eastpak's site so I'm not sure this is the right one since this one got more zippers and pockets but its really great for storing your mobile rig was just the first thing that comes to me mind. Me being a very practical woodsmen/survivor/DIY/soldier type for me something small on your back in heat is way better than 120 pounds  - so its kinda a hot weathered urban warrior designish bag for your mobile rig IMO :D

eastpak site.jpg

[my inner gay voice impression]

Now critics might say its metrosexual or gay or what not but I just say - what do you carry your mobile rig in? Is it man fashion or is it practical pig? What do you like or don't?  She isn't getting this one back for sure! This champ needs his backup bag when then not bringing rifles or laptops

[/my inner gay voice impression]

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Ahhh yes, the conflict between having somewhere to stash your stuff and looking silly ^_^.


I see enough guys walking around with small bags these days that I no longer feel like a fool. If women can carry a bag to hold $500 worth of random junk us guys shouldn't get any hassle for one that holds way more than that...


Camel Active make some pretty good-looking compact bags that are just right for a phone, source, amp and reasonably-sized headphones, while (almost) looking macho...

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Met up with some French cousins a couple weeks back, and all of them were carrying around a bag of that sort slung on their shoulders. Didn't hurt them with the ladies on our bar crawls, though that might just have been the French accent working it's magic. :)


Never really had a problem lugging around my EDC gear (wallet, iPhone, Zune HD, PK1, flashlight, knife, and more) in my pockets even in 100 F summer days we have around here though. Loose, lightweight cargo pants and shorts are a godsend during the summer. Anything more and I fall back on my Maxpedition Colossus.

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Take a look at HeadRoom's selection of bags for portable gear. I don't own one, but have seen a number at meets and they seem very nice. Buying one would also support one of Head-Fi's sponsors.
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That's why I like having a backpack with me.  Books, phones, etc etc. 

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In mainland Europe men's bags are just 'bags' but over here there's some sort of stigma attached to it, the 'man bag' is laughed at. Personally I think they're great, since pockets only hold so much and it can get uncomfortable with stuff bulging from every crevice in your jeans (no sniggering).


I'm a big fan of the small messenger bag; it's big enough to carry all the essentials, but not too big that it gets in the way or feels like you're back at school. I have a few from River Island, Timberland and Fred Perry, in different colours to match what I'm wearing (yes I'm a tart haha). They're also big enough to fit your portable audio rig in as well, with room to spare for other things.

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