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A bit of advice for a Closed Portable Under $300 pair...

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Hey guys,


currently I'm addicted to my Sennheiser HD 555 open cans, they provide an AMAZING sound out of my PC with the standard sound card (unamped). 

I've been using them for listening to classical, pop, hip hop, and rock. Pretty much anything, and they handle ALL of it. (And I have this website to thank for helping me choose them many months ago). 


Right now I am in the market for a closed set of cans for under $300. 

I want something the balances portability and sound quality. I want to be able to take it with me to school, on the train/bus, for walks, but also have it sit around my neck and not be a problem.

So obviously not something too bulky. 


These will be plugged into my iPhone playing almost entirely 320kbps MP3's, and I do have a Fiio E5 ( I don't use it for my HD555's because it makes no audible difference for me). 


This may upset some ppl but so far I have considered getting the (used pair) Beats By Dre - as I have auditioned them and am happy with their size and portability, and I have read that they

handle rock/hip hop quite well - which is all I listen to while on the go. (unlike when I'm at home).


Another lineup I'm really liking is the AKG lineup.


In the past I have owned the Shure srh240 and 440, and I do like their sound, I was just hoping to try something different - so thanks, but no thanks.



I'll consider all recommendations/alternatives before choosing, thank you to everyone for their time.  



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How important is the bass for you? 


I was about to recommend the Shure SRH840's. They are balanced headphones, and work well unamped. 


Another suggestion is:

Audio-Technica's ATH-ES7

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Originally Posted by winma View Post


I was about to recommend the Shure SRH840's. They are balanced headphones, and work well unamped. 


Too bulky and heavy for true portable use.

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The Srh840s are indeed pretty bulky for portable headphones, they do deliver great sound though.


Audio-Technica's ATH-ES7 are a great recommendation, I've been researching these for quite some time now.

They are very portable, and from what I've read - deliver a very balanced sound. - - They also look amazing!!


Thanks for the posts guys, any other recommendations, keep them coming!

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AKG K81DJ (plenty still available in US for around $60, substantially less than K518 DJ/LE) is another good choice. Somewhat bassy but pretty well balanced and natural-sounding overall once the easily removable foam inserts in the earpieces are gone. A bit of a vise grip on the head (which I hear is true also of the ES7) but the headband has a metal portion that's bendable to reduce this. Very good isolation (I'm told that's less true of ES7).

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Ultrasone's too bulky for you? I use 780s on the go and listen to the same genres as you. They're not bad unamped, though the bass may be a bit fatiguing.


If you have a $300 budget then why not take a step up from the es7s and look into the esw9? I think they're in the low 200s on Amazon.

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Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I am going to look into each of those recommendations.


How does everyone feel about the Denon AHD 2000 or Denon AHD1001S 

Both are in budget and get pretty good reviews! 


I'll keep up with my research, thank you once again for your input!!!

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The D2000s do sound great, but maybe to loose fitting for portable, not to mention their size.  The D1000s would be a better choice for portability and I would also HIGHLY recommend the ESW9s.  I used those for some time and was more than happy.  

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Might want to keep the ATH-M50 in mind.

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My teenage daughter loves using the D1001 I gave her with her iPod, and doesn't seem to mind the fact that they don't fold (but then she lugs a huge handbag around so she has room!) They sound quite good and are incredibly comfortable. Don't isolate worth a damn though, which to me kind of defeats the purpose of closed cans. Somewhat to my surprise they seem to be holding up pretty well physically- they must be stronger than they look.

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My best opinion will be for the Senn HD 25-1. So far they are the best sounding (underpriced?) headphones Ive come across. I like them more than my shure 840's and are extremely comfortable with the velour pads on.

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I will wholeheartedly recommend the ESW9s :)

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A lot of ppl liking their ESW9's, I'm gonna be looking into the D1001 and ESW9 quite thoroughly. 


I guess 300 was a bit high of a budget for closed headphones lol. 


Anyways, thank you to everyone who posted their recommendations, I've got a bunch to research. 

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No reason to spend your whole potential budget if you can find something that will satisfy you for less. Heresy, I know. ;)

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I'm not sure how well the esw9s will isolate sound on your train/bus rides.


Why not try the B&W p5s?  I was looking for the same thing in the same range, and after auditioning a bunch I went with them and never looked back.  Try them at an apple store.  You'll either love them or hate them.

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