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Which DAP: Hippo Gumstick Vs T51/S:Flo

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Hey guys so i am searching for new DAP to fullfill my potable audio needs.

Some background Info


Music File Type




Music Genre

Jazz - 10%

Trance - 30%

Rock and allied stuff - 60%



I am not a basshead neither do i like shrill trebles. I want to select a player purely on the basis of its SQ alone. So it dsnt matter if its gotta bad UI etc but it should have a expandable memory option.


My budget aint that much so i have ignored the iMod,HiFiMan 801 and Sony X/A Series.

So the things in my budget

Hisoundaudio Rocco

Hippo Gumstick

Nationite S:Flo

HiFi Man 601


I would be pairing this player with IEMs only which rules out the Hisoundaudio products so i am just left with Gumstick($99) and S:Flo 2gb($119 + shipping)

I havent seen a direct comparision between these two players hence i thought of opening up a thread here to gain some more insight to the world of DAP :P .

So what do you guys think?


P.S. - Got no amp but it is in pipeline !



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i think Teclast T51

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If you consider only those two, I would personally go for sflo2.

Basing only on what Ive heard from friend who got gumstick(thats hisoundaudio rocco) and sflo2 and he strongly prefers sflo2.

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Is the Hifiman 601 cheaper than the Sony X?? 

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hm602 is mroe expensive than x.

hm602 will be 300-400$ based on what Nankai had posted.

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Thanks Kubus and a_tumiwa. I think i will go with S:Flo2 as of now. I  just need to check its compatibility with the Windows 7 as i have read some issues with its Win 7 Interface.

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s:flo2 is amazing for it's sound quality and price. I love it and although the UI isn't top notch I have no complaints. Sadly I dropped mine and the black part near the button is all smashed up but A) The screen is still perfect and B) That gives me an excuse for a better/new player in the future :)


I'm definitely looking at the Hifiman 602. 

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Sflo2 > Gumstick, especially if you use the LO to amp.  Gumstick is pretty dam good though especially if you need good sound and decent power in a small package.

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