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 I'm looking for a new headphone at the price of approximately 150$ (though I'd be willing to pay a little higher for a considerably better quality).

 I don't really mind if they are close or open. My top priority is the sound quality, as I mostly listen to pop, dance and rock. My source is Cowon J3 without an amp

 I have read up on many threads and came to realize that Denon AH-D1001, AudioTechnica M50 , AKG K240 MKII and Shure SRH-750DJ are the best recommendations. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to test them all. 

 Please help me to make the right decision and/or give me some recommendations of your own. Thank you very much in advance.

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I would go with the m50, since you aren't amping :)
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You should probably go open if you don't care about open or closed. Open generally sound better at a given price than closed phones do.  For less than $150 you could get the AD700, MS-1, or DT440. DT440 sounds the best overall at this price point.

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Again,i see this question everyday and i'll say the same answer everyday best bang for the buck is the ATH M50 also an Alesandro Ms1

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and what about Senn HD25´s?

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If just at home unamped - Audio technica m50 (bit to bulky for portable use & good if you like bass)

Portable use - senn hd25-1 ii (isolation is good + very durable)

Other - Grado sr80/125 or Alessandro ms1 if you like the sound sig (note they leak a lot of sound)

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Originally Posted by casioa5302ca View Post

and what about Senn HD25´s?

HD25's are not a fullsize series

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Alessandro MS-1

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Originally Posted by tamleo View Post

HD25's are not a fullsize series

yeah, but...HD 25´s are a fullSOUND series

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used Grado 225.

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I have listened to the Shure 750DJ, It's strongest feature is bass extention and impact... especially with Cowon BBE EQs (I have an S9, and tried the Shure at CanJam with it) Audio Technica (I have only listned to some of their open models though) typically have better balance and midrange compared to the Shure... ATs are also the most comfortable in my experience. As far as Denon and AKG go, I don't really have a preference for them.


I would also recommend Beyerdynamic full size cans, as I have not heard a poor one frome them to date.

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How about HD 380 pro? I am considering between this and ATH-M50, and now I am leaning toward HD 380 pro for their better soundstage, detail, and comfortable wearing for long sessions (i heard they are not sweaty at all even for hours). Also, I am not a huge bass fan.

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You can probably get the HFI 780s for around $150 shipped. buyauthorised on ebay has them for $155 with a best offer option and free shipping within conus. Stay away if you don't like bass though and pickup something like the HD25.

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Alessandro MS-1, ive owned the 780's and prefer the MS-1 quite alot more. The engaging sound is great!

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i am headphone manufacturer,the headphone valued $150 must with best quality.

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