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beerchug.gif Been using mine for almost a year now with the TH-600s and its a match made in heaven. They will have to pry this thing from my cold dead fingers when I go. The standing 6SN7 thread is a gold mine of information. The RCA VT-231 and Westinghouse tubes(15$) are a great synergy with this amp too. Tun Sol BGRP are another favorite of mine, but finding them at a reasonable price is tough. beerchug.gif
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I wont know until the week of the meet. Sometimes business bleeds over onto Saturdays. After about 50 hours with the X's-I think they are just starting to break in and sound more coherent.
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The peak volcano is one of the best amps out there and a hell of a pre amp as well.
I don't understand how todd has not sold 1000s of them
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Are the feet replaceable on this amp? The amp is abit light for my taste and slides around alot. Grippy adhesive feet would greatly improve the experience.
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  My Apex Peak Volcano just came in, with an Electro-Harmonix tube, used as a substitute for the Tung Sol. I purchased the Sophia tube also, as to have a better tube to start off with. Sadly that tube never came in. Nor was I informed. This Electro-Harmonix tube has to be the most Microphonic tube I have ever heard. I am also hearing background noise, I have never heard on my system before. I left a call to TTVG, but this is a disappointing experience. I hope this all gets resolved, but today, I am going to pack the entire system back up. 

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Todd and Pete sent me a replacement tube and more, and the APV sounds amazing! I am currently using a CBS Hytron 5962. 

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I'm afraid many current production tubes are not very good mechanically or sound wise so dont blame the APV for this

Get yourself a good selection of vintage tubes like the Tungsol, Brimar or Mullard which will make a big big difference to the sound quality!

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I did, The CBS/Hytron 5962 is a vintage tube I am using currently. So is the Sylvania 6SN7GTB, Peter sent me.  The Brimar and Mullard tubes have a nice darkness to them, but can be difficult to find one that isn't microphonic at a reasonable price.    

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Personally I have never found a microphonic Mullard or Brimar unless its end of life. Some manufacturers tubes are just prone to this problem

I also like the Hytron an Sylvania too.

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I plan on buying a Brimar, but can't find a Mullard for a reasonable price. The CBC/Hytron is actually very good, it is very much like the Sylvania but much cleaner at the high frequencies. 

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You can also use the Brimar CV1988 lovely smooth sound and great soundstage

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I have found in my experience though, that tubes can be microphonic or noisy with the APV, and silent through other gear.
I am not sure why that is...
I believed for a while, heck maybe still believe, that the tube socket was to blame. The socket isn't the tighest i have seen, thats for sure.
Because, the tubes i have had problems with all fit more loosely and/or had chipped or corroded pins.
Anyway, finding a silent tube is not too hard.

Still enjoying the APV very much.
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The Wuss, Depending on where a tube is being used, will depend on if Microphonic is an issue. In the A/P/V the tube is in the Preamp and that is when Microphonics are the most sensitive. 

Complin,  I want one, but they are hard to find, balanced and without being Microphonic. This is what I have so far,


6SN7W Sylvania Small Bottle 1945

6SN7GTA Sylvania Chrome dome green label

5692 CBS/Hytron


6SN7 Sophia New Stock

Tun-Sol 6SN7 New Stock


I haven't heard the Small Bottle yet, it just arrived

The CBS/Hytron so far is my favorite. 


​I would like the following:

Mullard CV181

Brimar CV1988

V-231 Tun-sol Round plate

V-231 RCA Black Plate


So far none of the tubes are "THE" tube. 

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