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Canal HiFi/Canal Street Electronics

Thought you meant "Connecticut" when you said "CT".
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CT in NY and Other Geographical Anomalies

CT was supposed to be short for Chinatown. Sorry -- I'd thought it was obvious, since I'd just said, "I've just come back Chinatown in NYC," "I'd come back to Little China," etc. You have to understand: writers are taught to avoid using the same word too much and I sometimes write for magazines. If I'd had an editor on Head-Fi, s/he would have reminded me of CT's other connotations.

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I did somemore researching....check out half.com for the 831.....good luck
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That Ever-elusive 831

Thanks, cdub. I appreciate your effort.

I did jaunt to the site you mentioned, but the only 831 I could find there was a used one going for $250 -- not a realistic price. I sympathize with people who spend hundreds on a piece of gear and then have to sell it for half or even less. But that's the down side of purchasing a portable MDR. It's the same with computers and rightly so. At least a computer hasn't been carried around in someone's shirt-pocket for a year.


I'm still having gear daydreams of walking down the escalator with a 770 under my arm. Oh, I know I'm not being realistic, but attraction is like that. It's not my fault I like MDRs in trashy lacquer.
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Hun, nothing wrong with the lavender (pink?) MT770 daydreams, it's the under-your-armpit part that's objectionable
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Further Down the Aisle


That was the odd thing about leering at those 770s in a row: The silver model looked white, the so-called pink, lavender (or purple). The lighting in the store was decent, BTW.

The new iMac really does look like a half-convincing magic act. You don't quite buy that the lamp-stand CPU is just a stand. It isn't proportional; it looks like it's hiding something.

One last question for you: Do you think the 770 is adequate in terms of the selling points that make a Sharp worth having? By that I mean 1. playback sound quality and 2. extra recording capabilities. I've heard people (possibly idiots) kvetch about the remote having limited functions and being poorly designed. I'm aware you covered the 770 in depth in this thread, but I'm asking a more general question because I'm about to buy one.

If you think the 770 is adequate, then I'll probably pick one up from a friend in HK. If not, then I'll buy an 831/821 on eBay. What's your final word?

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If you insist on reaching for the higher highs, there are better things for both recording (Type-R Sonys, H.D.E.S. Panasonics) and playback (the 831), IMHO.

But the difference between those and the 770 may not be significant enough to justify what you have to do to achieve them. Let me elaborate:

Let's say, I buy a Sony 470 deck for recording, and a used 831 for listening. This is one of the really cool, sweet setups in my head. Compared to buying just the 770,
(a) I'll have to get a home deck at $150-200 extra, and
(b) I'll have to live with a piece of used machinery, I don't know how much life the pickup's got left, and
(c) I won't have the flexibility of MDLP or Group Mode - they could come in handy some day.

So life is easier and simpler if you just buy a 770 for all recording and playback. Its playback quality isn't as good as the 831, but isn't very far off either.

I wouldn't use Sharp's ATRAC to record, but not because it's fatally flawed; just that Sony and Panasonic's new versions do an even sweeter job.

Sharp's remote isn't the greatest, but I think it's still nicer than Sony's stick remote. Sony will not have an ergonomic piece of s**t until they realize how hard it is to twist, or hold down buttons for two seconds on the go. :P

Hope I've been helpful in this thread so far, and remember I haven't auditioned the Sony R909.
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You've been nothing but informative, intelligent and helpful on this thread, Leon. That's why the rest of us kept pestering you with questions. Maybe you'll feel more authoritative next time when posting a technical review. (You were getting treated like tech support on this thread and still you remained utterly patient.) I'd try to insist you'd earned your stripes, but from what you've said about your own writing, I've the feeling your personal standards mean more than anyone's praise.

Thanks again.

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Scrypt... I thrive on all the attention, so the tech support role was quite all right *shameless* And since I'm assuming that role, I'd like to be as helpful as I can.

From time to time I come across my earlier posts, and they in general appear to be paranoid in some way, so that's what I'm trying to avoid.

So are you planning to buy anything? The joy of a lavender 770 under one's armpit after a morning run...
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