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Thanks, Leon.

Thanks for the info. That was exactly what I needed to hear. Will buy the 909, not the 770, for live recording. (I have a friend who wants to buy my 900.) That and the M1 DAT should be perfect for my purposes: recording live and incidental sounds, as well as performances I can't get in my home studio.
(I have a friend who makes copies of medieval instruments for a living -- better, I think, to catch her at home with all her instruments than bring her to my place.)
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I am new to MD and was wondering your opinion about a few things. I have recently acquired a sharp 831 as my first MD recorder and would like to get your opinion in general and on it as a recorder from digital sources such as a cd player and as a live recorder, as I will be taping lectures. I want to use the 2X playback in mono mode and want to know if you have a mic reccomendation. Also I want to know if it is possible to record CDs from my DVD player (which plays cds) using the digital out. Thanks for your time..
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You lucked out getting that particular recorder (as opposed to Sharp's newer models). Question: Where did you acquire the 831, if I may ask? Is there any chance of my picking up another from the same place?


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I was lucky enough to pick up my 831 via a ebay seller. He gave me the opportunity to buy it before he put it up for auction. Although the unit is used it has seen only a few weeks of light use and it comes in that cool blue color. I have seen the 831 available online through 2 diff. dealers. International Connection which is US based and Mic Mic which is overseas. Intl connection sells also the kenwood clone on the 831. By the way here's a good tip. You may already know this, but if you go down to Canal St. there are many stores that import Japanese model electronics. One store in particular I have seen the Sony new CD players which have been making waves in the forums lately~$150 and up, as well as the N-1 Md player for $369, R909 $269, and new Pana PCDPs. I personally picked up a slct790 for $139. Oh yeah, keep your eye out on ebay for the 831, one was just on there....http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI...tem=1329162947
Lemme know if you have any thoughts on the 831...
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I personally consider the 831 a modern day classic. My reasoning is in an earlier post in this thread - look for one on page 2 that begins with


The "friend" I mentioned..."

I have never done any live recording, so I don't have anything to recommend. Remember to get a mic that doesn't power itself (power comes from the MD portable). Sharp's rec level can be adjusted manually, which should give better results than Sony's automatic control. The auto control on Sony MD portables is not as good as on their DAT portables, so manual is the way to go. (The R909 has manual adjustment too)

I remember recording digitally from VCD to CD using the optical out of a DVD player, so I think you should be able to connect

I got both my 831 and my L7R (Kenwood clone) from Hyperjack... but I dont think they've got these anymore.
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Thanks, cdub and Leon.

Props to both of you for the extra info on the 831. Unfortunately, the auction cdub mentioned was closed by the time I got there and, besides, I'd really like the blue model if possible. Mic mic lists the 831 as available on their site but are really sold out, as an e-mail from their sales dep't confirmed. The other place you mentioned appears not to be in business any more. I guess this means I'll be hawking the ebay list, since I really don't want to abuse my friend in Thailand.

Other than that, I guess I'll be going with the 909. (With my luck, Toshiba will come out with a portable 30 GB optical recorder with 24/96 compression next month! Or perhaps Archos will upgrade to AIF recording and offer an actual mike pre and editing abilities. Then again, Ety might market a line of invisible earbuds.)
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Originally posted by leon
Remember to get a mic that doesn't power itself (power comes from the MD portable).
leon, I would actually recommend the opposite -- to get a good recording, you should use a powered mic, since the mic jack on most portable MD recorders doesn't supply enough power for most good mics.
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What makes the 831 such a 'classic' player?

I have one, and I think it's great. I use it everyday, and it does everything that I need for it to do. However, I have never quite thought of it as something extraordinary.

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MacDEF, I'm just saying what the manuals say. At least it wouldn't be my fault if he buys a mic that powers itself, and his 831 breaks down from doing something Sharp didn't recommend.

Source Direct,

The reason I like the 831 this much is probably because it's "ordinary". I can use so many different headphones with it - cheap or even stock earbuds - plug it in and play and it would still sound decent (to my ears). It never becomes drastically unpleasant. This is something a lot of walkmans can't pull off.
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Originally posted by leon
MacDEF, I'm just saying what the manuals say. At least it wouldn't be my fault if he buys a mic that powers itself, and his 831 breaks down from doing something Sharp didn't recommend.
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Scrypt: Other than that, I guess I'll be going with the 909.
Are you sure about that? I don't care about NetMD but the NZ1 seems to be going for less money on eBay than the 909--I'm not sure why. Five auctions for new machines, last time I looked. Plus the NZ1 is lighter than the 909 and has a longer-lasting battery.

But maybe you guys know something I don't about the NZ1's specs, something that makes it a bad choice for reasons that aren't so obvious. I do know that manufacturers find more and more ways to cut corners as time goes on, so maybe the NZ1 isn't as rugged as the 909 or something. How else do you explain those auctions?
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I don't know about the other guys, but here's what I think: When I first saw the N1 I really liked its looks, but you know what, its display and buttons are smaller than the R909's (but do virtually the same thing). So if you don't use the NetMD function, it's not necessarily a better experience.

The Kanji remote doesn't matter unless you're Japanese or Chinese (try to map Kanji to chinese language - laborious!), and Sony's Kanji remote displays 6 characters in any character set, less than Sony's standard (9) and unlike the earlier Sharps (5 kanji, 10 otherwise).

The N1 does not have more battery life than the R909 AFAIK; if it does I really can live without it. Remember that in the auctions, people do put up wrong information without knowing they did sometimes.
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White Chocolate with a Creamy Aural Center

Gotta give the 770's industrial designers their props. I've just come back from Chinatown in NYC after salivating over said toy in three shades of lacquered flesh (including lavender). Before that, I'd been leering at the new 2 Gigaflop G4, iMac and iPod. It might lag behind the 2 GF in inducing consumer lust, but the 770 exceeds the rest of the iCrew in mad edible charisma -- possibly because the 770's so damned dinky. Not only that, but it's the only PA that didn't emulate Apple and chose to look utterly Japanese. I felt like I was teaching beautiful ESL students all over again: It took all the self-control I could muster to tell myself I'd come back to Little China after getting some sleep. (I've been tracking for 26 hours straight and can barely even think; I'm in the perfect mood to hemorrhage money.)

When I go back, I'll probably buy the 909 (which you can get for $265 on the street in NYC, Tweertinelle, and the NZ1 for 320-330). It's way less sexy than the NZ1 or the 770 or even the 900, but why care? It has ATRAC-R and that's what matters sonically.

Speaking of which: I picked up a pair of V6s in CT, brought them home and was distressed to hear a hiss coming out of my amp -- something my Etys, Sennheisers and other Sony cans had never revealed. Thinking the problem had to be with the V6s, I plugged them directly into the source (my computer) and viola!, the hiss was gone and the bass was forceful. Recommendations for a non-portable amplifier, people?


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I picked up a pair of V6s in CT

Where abouts? At what cost?

Where I live, there is only Sam Ash selling the 7506's.
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Canal and Bway: Sweet spot for V6 purchases

Canal HiFi, for one -- that's the place where you can actually return things if they don't work. I picked them up for $79.99. Canal Street Electronics, a place across the street, sells V6s for a few dollars cheaper, but if you get yours there, be sure to try them out in the store. Everything at CSE is gray market and they don't accept returns.

I looked at the specs on the 7504-5-6 series, BTW. The V6s would seem to have more power than any of them. Am I right about this?

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