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Day 98


I fell for a girl from the stars. She showed me the beauty of a newly burst supernova, I served her day-old fish custard.

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Yes.  Epic win, this.

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Day 76


A little birdy told me, "Brppp chirp chirp". I realized then that I don't speak bird.

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Day 164


I cling to it like a drowning child clings to his last gasp of air. This world lives, breathes, and bleeds without me, it always has. All I do is dream, of the one thing that everyone else takes for granted...

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"Days Of The Future Passed" by The Moody Blues, prepare yourself for a dream in audio.

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Day 50


My hands are stained with guilt, regret, and what appears to be melted chocolate. At least, I hope that's what that is.

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Whoah, have I stumbled upon a new facet of Head-FI or what? Keep it coming, these insights are very welcome.

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Day 170


The past six hours I have spent trapped in this toilet have been torment. I am beginning to hallucinate, of little blue men and pink rabbits that seem obsessed with dry humping my legs. 

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Day 188 – PANIC! I’ve run out of Duct tape!

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Do something about it, without duct tape you are lost!

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(Fellas, please don't spam my blog)


Day 128


She watches me when I sleep and protects me from the plush monsters. Yet, I do not trust those cold unmoving eyes of hers.

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Day 1


Yesterday never waits. 

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Day 38


A 40 year-old Starbucks employee asked to touch my hair. Most action I've had in the past four years. 

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Day 200


There is a man who lives inside the walls. At night he sneaks out from behind the yellow wallpaper and crawls around like a mad fool. He thinks I don't see him, but I do, oh yes!!

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