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You may leave feedback here.

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I'm happy to be the first to leave feedback for reiserFS.


Sold him the STAX system.


Great communication and silky smooth transaction.


It's always great to share this hobby with trustworthy Head-Fiers.




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Traded my HybridAmp for a Stax SRM-252 and some cash. Very smooth transaction, great communication. I would definitely do busines with Sascha again. Highly recommended.

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It was my pleasure to buy from reiserFS. He kindly answered all my questions, gave me a good deal, packed very well and shipped out fast.  Thanks so much!

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I bought a modified Maverick D1 from ReiserFS, he was very good at answering questions and sorted out a small niggle with the transaction in a very swift and satisfactory manner.

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Cookies and cream, got a Skyline Plexiglass Case from him.  No problems or issues, besides DHL being one of the slowest carriers to ever exist(I think they just throw this stuff in a warehouse and forget about it haha).

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I purchased a Western Electric 396A tube from Sascha. The transaction went smoothly aside from DHL taking 45 days to ship from when Sascha dropped it off. After about 30 days I PM'd Sascha and asked about it, he promptly replied offering a full refund. I declined and offered to split the refund, Sascha was ok with that and asked for a week or so to gather the funds. Right at the end of that week, the package showed up. The tube was extremely well-packed yet small and light to save on shipping costs. I would not hesitate to deal with Sascha again, he's a model seller and Head-Fi user. DHL on the other hand... I hope I don't ever use them again :) Thanks!

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I bought a pair of Stax SR-202 from reiserFS.


Communication with Sascha was always prompt, the headphones are in great condition and arrived very well packed. It was a pleasure to trade with Sascha. Thanks!

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I bought an amplifier for electrostats from Sascha. Great person,  veeery good contact. Everything was smooth and perfect. Many thanks for transaction and the amp :) !

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