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Sold a pair of DT770/80 to yoyojoe. Very decisive buyer. Paid immediately and communication was excellent. Great transaction all around. Thanks!

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Traded him a pair of HD650's for his DT770/80's. He had quick shipping, beautiful packaging and great communication. It was a very easy trade and i would be happy to deal with him again.

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Sold a pair of Sony XB500's to him. He was a very patient, reliable buyer and I enjoyed doing business with him. Thanks!

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Made a trade with yoyojoe and he came through and the headphones were even in better condition than expected. Thanks

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sold him bose on-ear headphones. paid instantly and communication was great. will highly recommend to everyone on here. would do business with him again in a heartbeat.

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Sold him a pair of Audio Technica ATH AD 700.

He pm me to buy them and bought them shortly after getting my info.




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I bought a pair of Monster Turbines Pro Gold from him. He's a very flexible seller considering that he only wanted to sell within the CONUS but he was then willing to sell it to my in Canada. Great product, great price, shipping was alright, but I'm sure that it was stuck at Customs for awhile. The only thing that I didn't like was that I asked a few questions and he never answered, which I find kind of rude.


Thanks again.

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