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Best sport earphones

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Hello, I`m searching for best quality/price ratio sport earphones. Considering between:




PMX 680


PMX 80


PMX 70


Koss KSC-75




Maybe you have one of  those, or have other companies sport earphones? So could you write a review, or offer other models :)

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Have you considered our Sportwrap headphones?  They run about $60 and are waterproof making them great for heavy sweating activities...



H2O Audio

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AT has a new line out...


Not sure how good they are but they may be worth checking out.

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Meelec M6.

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Originally Posted by sushibowl View Post

Meelec M6.


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Meelec M6 and AT line earphones look nice, but they are not available in my country :(((


So I found best price/quality option for me: Sennheiser OMX60 - they are more expensive then PMX 80, but they sound good and hold pretty comfortable for me :)

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