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Ceramic has the tiny dents in it which acts like acoustic foam.  I hear it's very nice for bounching frequencies off of.  Same as wood.  But with wood you would need the acoustic foam.  Ceramic is pretty easy to drill through, just use a metal bit.  Glass would be awesome though for the drivers.  If you could get it clear, that would be one of a kind.  Like a custom IEM.  Very cool!

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Glass is $7 per cm^3  ---- VERY expensive


Ceramic is $0.20 per cm^2 (surface area)


Ceramic's have strict rules because of the glazing http://www.shapeways.com/design-rules/ceramics

Maybe I can keep the inside of the cups unglazed to preserve the relatively flat edge that will touch the baffles.


Also, should I make the baffles out of ceramic, or would wood or foam board be better?




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Wood and foam board would cut down on weight.  Although it depends.  Wood would sound the best.  Smeggy uses wood on his.

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So, for the cups, would: wood, ceramic, nylon, or alumide sound the best?  I just found some wood cups for $30 on ebay and baffles for $5.


And which of the above materials for the baffles would sound the best?

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What is the best material for the cups and what is the best material for the baffles?  (Sound quality-wise)




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Wooden baffles would sound the best.  Wooden everything is what Smeggy uses.  It has little pores in the wood and it makes the sound frequencies bounce back the best or something.  I am not sure how it works but it's probably the nicest sounding and looking.

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This material is porous, but I might just order wooden cups/baffles because wood is a proven design...



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Yeah, I remember Smeggy saying that he uses wood because it's attractive, affordable, and it's easy to fabricate.  He didn't claim it to have significantly superior acoustic properties.  Just FYI...

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You can't go wrong with all wood, it's very nice.

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Ceramic will be way too brittle!

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I use ABS cups and acrylic baffles on my Plastic Pantz, and they sound great (but are a little heavy at 24oz.).

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My katalox Smeggy Thunderpants weigh in at 18oz for comparison.

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I use ABS cups and acrylic baffles on my Plastic Pantz, and they sound great (but are a little heavy at 24oz.).

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Can someone please post the dimensions of the driver/ driver PCB assembly thing?  I need to get them to jschristian so he can make baffles for me.  Will foam board baffles be okay?



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It is 40mm I think.

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Would maple, walnut, or mahogany cups sound the best?



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