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Noise cancelling cans

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Hey folks, it's about that time!

Can y'all suggest me some cans that have awesome sound quality with a good amount of bass and can cancel noise from airplanes?
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Have you considered IEMs?  i have yet to hear a pair of active noise-canceling headphones that I've actually liked.  They all seem to deaden music.  IEMs, on the other hand, give plenty of isolation while not compromising sound.

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Yup, look into IEMs, they should do a lot better than the NC offerings out there.

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I see, any specific ones in the 100-300 range? Used is fine
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Shure SE530 or Senn IE8? Depends what sort of music and presentation you like. 

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IE8 - no.

They isolate like someone drilled a hole in them in order to bloat the bass.

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I listen to hip hop rap rnb stuff like that so lots of bass

I'm thinking bout the mtpg's

How's the isolation and sound cancellation on those? Quality?
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As for airplane using, IEMs are not better than top level active noise canceling phones.

The problem of IEMs is: while not playing music, they are not really better than earplugs in terms of blocking noise.

But high quality active noise canceling phones like QC15 is actually better than either earmuff or earplug alone in terms of reducing the noise.

QC15 is very effective in noise canceling even without playing any music.

Passive noise canceling also block treble and bass equally, it is not a bad property under other circumstances.

But on the airplane, the fact that active noise canceling cancels more engine noise than passive counterparts would makes you very happy.


In terms of music reproduction, QC15 cannot compete with high level IEMs.

But the really good thing about QC15 is: you don't even need to listen to the music to enjoy the tranquility.




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