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I'm a bit confused to decide what amp for Beyer DT250/80. My budget is about 200 bucks.


I'm looking for amp that run rechargeable battery, has the sonic characteristic: extend treble, transparant, neutral. DAC function is also helpfull, but that's not my priority.


So the contenders from me:

1. Corda Headsix - I've read review from Skylab, and this amp looks like has the neutral characteristic, and the price is steal too.


2. Corda Move (second hand)

I think I can get the used Corda Move, I guess it a bit better than Headsix, or am I just wrong? (also, Move has DAC too)


3. ibasso D4 Mamba

I get this recommendation from my local store, after I read some reviews, looks like Mamba also a good choice, but I worry the treble isn't extended enough, though FWIR it has really nice transparation. (has DAC too)


4. Forget about port amp, run some dektop things, maybe like Audinst?


So what you think? which one is the most suitable for me? or any other option better than them?