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FS: GlassWare Audio Tetra phono stage kit

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For sale is a GlassWare Audio Design Tetra phono stage kit.  I ordered this and have never gotten around to building it.   This kit includes the following options:

1.  Ceramic tube sockets

2.  Wima coupling capacitors

3.  Heat sinks and solid-state devices

4.  Power supply capacitors

5.  Resistors for the PS section

6.  PCB stand offs

7.  RTI capacitors


I paid $150 for this kit and will let it go for $100.  It will be shipped via USPS Priority mail with delivery confirmation and insured for $100.  Buyer is responsible for shipping fees.  I accept USPS Money Order and Verified Non-Credit card PayPal only.  Please check my feedback and PM me with any questions.


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Do you still have the tetra for sale?

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Yes, replied to your PM.

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Hello there!

Is this still on sale?


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I said last night that I'd buy it if it's still for sale.  Now, after seeing how complicated it is, I've changed my mind.  I've built a ton of kits, at least five phono preamps, but this one looks too challenging.




Tom Patton

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  Do you still have this for sale.   Does it include the Power Supply or "parts for PS portion"  pack of stuff

from the website.  Just trying to figure out what is left to purchase,  other than tubes obviously.

    I don't see him listing the values for the capacitors or anything.  Do you know what tolerance they are?

I guess thats how he protects his design.  By not letting out all the resistors and caps specs.  Of course I am no electronic genius,  and the values may be decipherable by some trained tech.  And that's not me!!! 


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