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Shure SE530: What's up with that silver "filter" in the nozzle?

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I noticed there is a bit of a metallic looking "filter" just at the tip of my Shure SE530's nozzles.


I find this strange cause I don't remember that filter being there on my much earlier owned set of SE530's from a couple years ago.


Does anyone know why Shure includes this bit of metallic obstruction?


Has anyone tried to remove it?


If so, with what results?


Here's a pic:




shure 001.jpg

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That is the filter supposedly it changes the characteristic of the sound. You need to be careful about damaging it . I damaged mine while cleaning and then the sound became very low out of the right. Then to get it fixed you need to send it back to Shure but mine was out of warranty so it would have cost like $200. So I sent it in to Fisher for reshelling and they replaced the damaged filter.
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My filters came out about 2 years ago when I cleaned them with the supplied tool.  They wouldn't fix them because I didn't send in my warranty card.  I guess I complained enough because even now 2 and a half years later after it happened they told me if I send them in and there is no signs of abuse they would ship me a new pair for free.  It took a lot of angry emails but they are going to fix them.  Any ways to answer S1rrah's question. With out the filters there are no base at all.  They make my akg 701 sound base heavy lol.  I would avoid doing anything to disturb those nozzles.  They enhance the sound and sound ugly with out them.  Its hard to believe that little metal tubes effect sound so much

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I own Etymotic ER-4P headphones which come with similar filters and a filter removal tool. When one of the very similar looking filters in my SE-530's failed and would no longer pass sound, I grabbed the filter removal tool from my Etymotics and replaced the Shure filter with the Etymotic filter. It fit perfectly. Now I know that there is no reason to assume that the Shure and Etymotic filters are identical, and that I should expect some difference in sound. But I don't hear a difference. I have learned that the filters have multiple purposes, one to block moisture and earwax from getting passed down inside. The Etymotic folks sell replacement filters and tools for around $20 on their website (a pack of 6 filters and the tool). The Shure folks don't even mention this filter.

I am pleased with the Ety filter in the Shure. (double pleased considering the lack of other options from Shure)

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My Sm3's have that same filter, well its actually a 2ohm dampener put in the nozzle. not sure what the purpose is in the SE530. I,m sure it's the same principal for sound dampening purposes.

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Different filters for different IEM have different acoustic impedance. Unless you can be sure that the third party replacement filter has the same acoustic impedance as the original, the sound will almost always change, for better or worst.

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Hey guys on this board; I joined now just to say a huge thank you to the poster about the Etymotic filter kit. I followed his advice; spent a total of US$13.50 (about £9) including postage to the UK for a 4 filter kit, and problem solved. My SE530's are usable again. I can't believe shure are so uninterested in helping or providing a similar kit. I decided to replace both ears after the problem one made such a difference and the whole range of sound has changed for the better. Hard to tell if it's the same as the original shure filters and couldn't tell with only the problem ear changed but who cares right. Better to spend 9 quid than another 280. Nice. Cheers dude:beerchug:

I hope more people search and find this. Here's the link - http://www.etymotic.com/shop/cart.aspx?session=y&action=ADD&item=436

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