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Headphones with removable cable.

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Hi, i found these forums some months ago looking for some good headphones for gaming, music, movies, etc.


It seems that there is some general consensus about the Betterdynamic DT770 pro and DT880 being the all-round best headphones (i leave the AD700 out of the list because i like bass), but i was wondering if there is any quality (mid/mid-high end) headphones in wich the connection cables could be removed when unused (or broken).


I ask because i assume wireless headphones are out of the list and because most (if not all) of the headphones and headsets i have owned in the past have broken preciselly in the cables, mostly in the union with the earphone (cuts, bad bends, problems in the soldered joint, etc), so i'd like to know if i'll have to throw the whole set or repair it for a expensive price just because of the cables or if maybe i can just go to the store and buy a new plugable cable.


Thanks in advance.

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Many of the studio oriented headphones have removable cables.


Beyerdynamic: DT150, DT250

Fostex: T50RP

Ultrasone Pro: 650, 750, 900 (I think)

AKG: K702, K240MkII, K271MKII

Sennheiser: HD25-1-II

Equation: RP-21, RP-22X


That said, those Beyers you were looking at have a very good build quality, and probably shouldn't break down under normal use.  If you're the kind of person that's going to be rough on your headphones, one of the above isn't a bad thing to consider, especially the ones that can be set to release if you accidentally tug on the cord.

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Yep, the thing is that i move a lot from house to house and room to room so i dont really have a fixed/safe location for my pc, so i'm constantly throwing my mouse into the floor and stepping into the cables or everything.


Would any of those match the quality of sound of the dt770 and 880? If not, i may consider getting the beyers and tryng to be more careful with them.

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Originally Posted by nicolasete View Post

Would any of those match the quality of sound of the dt770 and 880? If not, i may consider getting the beyers and tryng to be more careful with them.

I haven't heard the DT770 Premium cans, but I'd take the DT150 over the DT770 Pro any day.


If you are looking for the sound of the DT880, some of the AKGs should have a roughly similar sound signature, as they tend to have a mid-centric, neutral sound.


The Sennheisers are supposed to be able to survive the apocalypse, and are also famous for having a very neutral, easy-to-like sound.


The Ultrasones are love 'em or hate 'em cans, but those who get into them never seem to look back.

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Definitely not the DT770 Pros. Look into the DT250s :)

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Shure SRH840 and the Senn HD600/650 have removable cables.

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Funnily enough, after months of reading unending threads of these forums trying to find wich headphones sound better and aparently getting more confused than when i did not know of the existence of this site -of evil-, the feature of having or not a detachable cable is proving to be a major key factor in my choice ^^.


For now i think im going with the Beyerdynamic DT250 80 as i'm getting better opinions on them over the DT150 and the DT770, and for my needs (immersive yet competitive gaming, music and movies) and budget (found them for 145€+7€shipping at www.redcoon.es) they seem to fit reasonably.



And since it seems their sound is as good as spectacular, i'm just wondering how good the audio-positioning is in these cans (distance and position). I don't really understand the whole point of the 5.1 technology if stereo cans apparently do their job better (not really sure of how do stereo/5.1 positioning work tbh)

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